Different levels of personal development

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I want to talk about different levels of personal development.

So you may be surprised that there are different levels of personal development. There are different ways how you can do personal development, how you can obtain useful information for your business and progress in your business.

So number one, if you feel before we get into the different levels, if you feel stuck in your business, at least from my experience, very often that's a sign that you have to invest in yourself. That's a sign that you need some new information because you know sometimes if you are boiling in the same juice and you just you're not getting any new information, sometimes it becomes hard to progress, sometimes it becomes difficult to have that breakthrough in your business because you're trying to use your old knowledge to achieve new results and sometimes that just doesn't work. And that's where personal development comes in very handy because when you obtain new information, new strategies, new ideas, you can apply them and start progressing in your business, get that breakthrough, go through that obstacle in your business. But what are the different levels then of personal development?

Well, the first level, the lowest level, the very basic one is buying books or buying audiobooks. So books are extremely affordable, extremely cheap, and you get incredible value because if somebody spent 10, 20, 30, 40 years in a particular industry trying to get results and getting results, and then that person goes and writes a book and puts 30 years of experience in that book and it cost you 10 or 15 pounds to buy that book. Is it worth to buy it? There's no question right is the best value for money. But of course, very often is a slower way of learning and sometimes it's not the most up to date because by the time the book is written, published, it might not be the most recent information.

The next level, the second level of personal development is buying courses. So buying courses of people in again, a particular industry, maybe you want to learn about advertising; maybe you want to learn about marketing, about copywriting about whatever. So in a particular field, you can buy courses, very often video courses that you can watch from home and learn from them. These are usually more up to date, more fresh, more new and I just love this type of learning where you can take notes and apply that information and they usually cost a little bit more it might cost maybe 50 pounds or 100 pounds or a little bit more for a course, to learn something, but it's a great way again very affordable compared to other ways of learning.

The third levels of personal development are events, so events are usually more expensive because usually the ticket might cost 100 or a couple of hundred to get to the event, but also you might have to pay for the hotels, for the flights, for the food etc. So altogether it might be 500 pounds, 1000 pounds, depending where the event is happening for you to attend there. So it involves more cost, but that usually is the next level because it's more involved, it's more intensive because it might be a day event or two day events.

So you go there you spend the whole day; because if you buy a course, study from home course; very often you buy it, you don't watch it fully or you’re not that committed etc. But when you go to an event, you don't want to miss a minute. So you’re sitting there all day getting all of this huge amount of information. So events are usually very transformative and very life changing.

And the last and the top level of personal development level number four is coaching is buying coaching from somebody. Coaching is the most time effective way of personal development, because instead of you reading a whole book of information that is useful, but also on the information that doesn't apply to you, buying a course or going to an event, where again, you get information, some of it which is actually relevant to what you want to achieve, and other information that is not so relevant. When you buy coaching, you literally get what you want. So you go to that person and say, “Hey, can I buy an hour of your time, two hours of your time, five hours of your time, and I want you to teach me this, this, this and this.” So you get particular information, personally tailored to you, right from the source.

But usually, that's the most expensive way of learning; it can be hundreds, it can thousands sometimes. Sometimes it can be tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands. My mentor Ray Higdon, not that long time ago, he hired Grant Cardone as his coach; hundred thousand dollars for six hours of his time. Not cheap, for sure, right.

But of course, the amount of information and the type of information that he received from that coach was well worth the money and he made that money back already. But that's what I'm saying. So it can be a lot more expensive than books, courses, etc. So my wish for you is that you would go through all these levels of personal development and one day you could afford yourself to buy coaches and pay coaches 50,000 maybe 100,000 or more, because you will be making so much more money and you'll be progressing so much more in your business.

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