DIFFERENT is better than BETTER

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Saturday, December 28, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today I wanted to talk to you about different is better than better? What do I mean by that?

Well, you know nowadays, because of all the social media, because of all the amount of information, people are just bombarded with advertising, with marketing, with commercials, with everything. So before you’re in the business of selling your products, or before you’re in the business of selling your business opportunity, or whatever you're selling you first of all add in the business of attention.

So you need to grab people's attention and it's not so easy anymore, right? It's not like before you had three channels. It's not like before you had two radio stations. Now you are bombarded with information every day. So how can you get through to people? How can you get through to your potential clients? How can you get through to your potential business partners. And it's all about being different. It's not about reducing the price by a little bit.

So a lot of people go the traditional route, a lot of people go to traditional learning or will just reduce the price a little bit, or will just increase that a little bit. But everybody does that. Everybody's doing, “Oh, we have the best marketing plan in the industry. Oh, we have the best product indeed, oh, this is ground floor,” but everybody does that. Like it's no different. So we ought to always think that different, is better than better. Like people will go for something different than going for the same thing that is slightly better.

So a lot of the times what you want to do is think about how can I be different from other people selling this type of product? How can I be different from other people looking for recruits, other people in other network marketing companies? How can I stand out? How can I catch people's attention? So when somebody scrolling through the Facebook feed, or scrolling through the Instagram feed, they stop and look at what you've got to offer? They stop and look at what you got to say, right? How can you stand out from most of the crowd?

That's what you always want to be thinking. How can I be different? How can I do things differently so that people go, “Wow, that's different,” and a lot of it comes down to posture, how you present yourself, because again, a lot of people in network marketing, they’re just so desperate, they’re just so eager to recruit you, they’re just so eager to sell you something. So they do what is called verbal diarrhea, as soon as you allow them to show you everything about the business or about the product, and people go, “Get away from me. I don't want to do anything with that.”

So when you change that, when you start saying things that make people curious, when you start saying things that make people interested, it's different, right? So when they go on most network marketers feed on Facebook is product, product, product, product, join my business, product, product, product, product, join my business, you know what I mean? Everybody does that.

So when you go on your Facebook, and you make your Facebook in a way, way doesn't say about your company, it doesn't say about your product, and then you put curiosity raising pose, they go, “That's different. What is that? What are they doing?” So it's all about standing out from the crowd, standing out from thousands of people, trying to bombard everybody, standing out from that crowd and being a bit different.

Same way when you’re speaking to people face to face, again, how can you be different? How can you stand out? And one of the ways again, to stand out is to actually listen to people, is to actually pay attention to what they've got to say, and dig for information instead of you trying to give your information. And when somebody asks what would you do? You just go, “I help people to earn extra income from home.” “How does that work? Tell me more.” Why? Because now it's a different energy. You're not the one pushing information, you're pulling them.

Most people they’re pushing, they’re cramming their stuff down people's throats. But if you change that approach, if you pull people towards you by making them curious, by making them interested, that's going to catch their attention. 
So that's my message for today; always try and think how can I be different from what everybody else is doing? How can I stand out from the crowd? How can I make people curious, and you'll see how you're going to start getting a lot better results than if you just copy paste what everybody else is doing.

I loved I think McDonald's quote, when somebody interviewed Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's, and he said, “Well, how do you react to Burger King because they're copying a lot of your stuff?” And he goes, “We got to be inventing stuff faster than they can copy it.” And I love that, that's just great. That's just awesome. So be that person who makes different things to everybody else and stands out.


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