Daily Method of Operation for your Network Marketing Business

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I want to share with you a DMO for your network marketing business. First of all what is the DMO?

It is a daily method of operation and is basically like a to do list for your business for every single day. If you are in network marketing and you want to build a serious business then for sure you should have a DMO. You should have a structure for every day for growing your business because if you haven't, then it will be very difficult to do that.

I want to share with you seven things that should be on your daily method of operation that you should do every single day, if you want to become successful in your business and if you want to grow. Number one is using your products. If you are serious about your business, network marketing company, then you should be using your products every single day. If you're not using your products, something is wrong with your belief, with the quality or something because you should be using your products every single day as many as possible.

The second thing on your DMO should be to show these products to other people. Again, every single day you should be showing your products to other people and one of the easiest ways to show your products is to use your products publicly. So for example, if you're going to use your products anyway, every single day, why not use your products in front of other people? So if you're using a food supplement, why not take it when other people see you take it.

If you're going to use your makeup, why not use it when other people see it because when other people see you use your products, there's a chance that they will say where did you get that from, what is that? And then you get an opportunity to tell them about your products and there's a chance that they will buy it right. But if you don't do that you just offer your products .Get people to try your products to see your product. Every single day if you are serious about growing your business you should be showing your products. Think about if you had a normal shop, would you open that shop every single morning? And the answer is probably yes, you would open your shop. So when you network; marketing, you don't have a physical shop but when you talk to people, that's when you opening your shop. Every time you talk to people about your product, that’s when your shop is open.

The third item on your daily method of operation should be showing your business to other people. So again, if you want to become successful, if you want to earn big money, selling products is not going to be enough because you won't be able to sell that many products to reach the top of your marketing plan. The only way to do that is actually to share the opportunity with other people. That means giving other people the same opportunity to build a home based business as you do. Every single day, you should be sharing your business with other people and showing it to other people.

The fourth item on your daily method of operation is to teach other people the first three steps. Once you started building your team, once you've got team members on your team, then every single day, you should spend at least some time teaching your team members how to use products, show products and show the business to other people because don't just assume that people who are joining your team will automatically know how to do it, because a lot of them won't know how to do. So there you go calm, showing them how to do it, you teach them a script, show them a strategy, give them an idea, whichever way it is, every single day, you should be trying to teach your team members to do the same.

Item number five on your daily method of operation is personal development. Every single day, you should be growing you as a person. Somebody said that network marketing, it's a personal development course disguised as a business and I think that's so true because the only way for you to grow and to increase your income and to increase your team and to become more influential and to become a better, stronger, more confident person is all through personal development.

So find a way to invest at least a little bit of time every single day in personal development. They say leaders are readers, so maybe spend every single day at least reading 10 pages is of your book, right? If you don't like to read then maybe listen to a podcast for 10, 15-20 minutes or maybe watch a video, you know what I mean but do some personal development every single day.

Item number six for your daily method of operation. So something that you should be doing every single day is promoting events, you should be promoting the next event to your team members. Because the more team members you can bring to the next conference, to the next training event to the next business opportunity meeting, the more money you will earn in the end. Because those people, they'll go to those events, they'll get inspired, they'll get motivated, they'll get educated, they'll get ideas, and a lot of people make a serious decision to build a business at the conference.

So you want to make sure that you spend every day at least some time promoting the event, the next event to your team, right? So speaking to people and even new people that you recruiting and even customers you can say, come have a look at what we do in this business. There's an event happening, massive event, come have a look what's happening in our business, have a look how we are changing people's lives and those people coming into that event, their lives will change. I've seen so many people's stories, who say when I went to the big event, when I went to the conference, that's when everything changed to me, that's when I decided to go all in. And that's what I decided to build a huge business.

Last item for your daily method of operation item number seven, is to speak to team members. So again, leaders cause action where action wouldn't have happened. So your role as a leader should be always to encourage action within your team. And how do you do that, you do that by calling your team members and speaking to them, and telling them about new promotions that are on, new products that came out, an event that's happening and so on.

As a leader, your role is to cause activity, where activity wouldn't have happened, maybe that team member would have spent the whole month and didn't order anything, come to the event and didn’t invite anybody. But because you called that person and share with them a cool script to use on social media, or a great tip about a product to use or some information about event. Now that person made a decision and placed an order or they made a decision and attended event or showed the business to somebody and recruited somebody.

So because of you , that activity happened in your team, that result happened in your team. So always spend at least some time of your day speaking, I'm not talking about messaging. I'm not talking about texting, speaking to your team members; it may be a video call, a phone call, but actually talking to your team members every single day.

These are the seven steps for your DMO for your daily method of operation. And if you do these seven things every single day, I can guarantee that you will progress in your business that you will make more money and you will become successful in your network marketing business. But you need to do it every single day and all of those seven things.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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