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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about creating your dream job.

If you are working in a job that doesn't satisfy you, if you're in a job that doesn't allow you to reach your full potential, maybe you can't earn as much as you like, maybe you can't have the results that you'd like to have, maybe you're not getting the recognition that you should be receiving, then you might think, “Okay, I want a different job, I want a better job, maybe I want a job where I get recognized all the time, maybe I want a job where I get to earn as much as I would like to earn, maybe I want a job where I can get up at the time of the morning that I feel like it or I can work as many hours as I feel like working or I can do the work that satisfies me, that I can be excited about getting up every single day and doing that job.” But as I'm listing all of these things, some of you will say, “Well Gediminas, that type of job doesn't exist. There is no job like that.” Well, there isn't an option. If you’d like to have a different kind of life, a different kind of job, you'd like to work in a different way and that job doesn't exist, there is still a way you can create that job.

I was speaking to one of the leaders a few days back and she said when she was a girl, smaller girl, she was saying to her grandma, “I will have a job where I get to get up at the time I feel, I get to help people all day, do what I like and earn more money.” And her grandma said, “Well, a job like that doesn't exist.” And she just said, “I will create it.” And now she's a businesswoman who runs her own business, works in her own business very successful and makes good money and has a life of her dreams.

The question for you is what is your dream job? What is it that you would like to do? What is it that you'd like to create? What sort of work would you like to work, where you would feel much better, where you would feel good about what you're doing? And if that job doesn't exist, right now, then, hey, let's create it. Let's make it happen. Think about how you could create a job of your dreams, how you could create a position for yourself, maybe there's something that you really like doing, maybe there is a passion deep inside you, maybe you like helping people, maybe you like doing this, that or the other. And think about how you can create a job for yourself. Maybe there's a company that needs a person like you. Maybe there are people who need a service like that. Maybe people would pay for what you dream about doing and maybe there's nobody right now doing that.

Think about ways don't just be stuck in that little box of thinking, “Well, if there is no job like that on offer, then I can’t work that type of job.” Very often you can create yourself a job. I like to do trainings, I like to teach, I like to do videos, I like to do live events and I look for ways how to monetize doing what I like, how do I get paid for talking and speaking and training and developing programs? Nobody offered me a job like that I wish somebody did, but nobody offered me a job. But I went on and created it for myself because I thought well I like doing that. If I could get paid on that as well, that would be incredible. And that's what I do. I always look for ways how can I do what I like and get paid for that and you can do that too. Just have a think about how you could do that and how you could realize that into your life.

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