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I want to talk about time since time is such a vital resource and more than that, I want to tell you how leaders and amateurs treat the time differently. So what's the difference? Very often people ask, “Why do these people succeed? Why do leaders get these results and other people don't? Why some people make a lot of money and some people don't make much money? Why some people progress really fast in business and other people just continuously struggle? They never getting ahead, they never moving forward. Why is the difference? What are they doing differently?”

Now, of course, there's very many things that you could talk about in terms of what's the difference, but there is one time for sure that I've noticed so many times and actually, I've noticed it yesterday as well. And what leaders do, they compress time, while amateurs they expand time. Now, how does that work? What's the difference, you may ask?

So let me explain to you, you see a typical newbie in network marketing and home based business and amateur, what would they do? So they go and meet somebody to tell them about the business. So first of all, they would book appointment to show them the business like three weeks in advance, so they are waiting three weeks to meet this person to show them the business. So they meet up, show this person the business. So they go, “Great.” Now they sold the business. So let me now wait another week or two and then ask them to actually get registered.

So now they register, then they'll say, “Well, let's wait until next month and maybe get them to order some products for the first time.” And then since they do that, once they order the products in about two, three months, then maybe it's time to invite them to some training event, about six months into the journey in
  network marketing. So what amateurs do, they expand time, they keep putting it off? “Oh, I'll do it tomorrow. I'll do it next week. We'll do it next month.” and so on. So they keep putting things off, and they keep prolonging everything, they keep expanding time. And if you've ever heard some of the success coaches, they very often say that, “Success loves speed. Success loves speed.”

So when you try to do it slow, it just kills the business. It just kills the excitement. It just kills the progress and it kills the momentum because everything is just so slow, but what do you leaders do? Leaders, they take the same actions, like you can't change the recipe, it's still somebody has to see the presentation, they have to join the business, they have to get some products, then they have to come to the training event, then maybe they need to go to a destination event, and so on. It's all the same things. However, they compress them.

So instead of going, “Hey, you saw the presentation, thanks for coming. See you next month.” No, they go, “So what are you doing later on today? Let's go to a training event. Let's go to a presentation. Let's go meet this person. Jump in a car with us. Are you busy tonight? What plans do you have? You don't have any plans? Let's go them.” And that's exactly what happened yesterday. I've arranged a meeting with a really, really amazing guy, huge potential, is my own country man, comes from the same country as me, but here in UK. And I said, “Well, let's meet for a cup of coffee to discuss things and to talk about business and options and opportunities." So anyway, we meet at this leaders house, we have in coffee, and we just clicking, like the guy is just like my brother, like everybody talking we bouncing off ideas. He's been learning from the same personal development people that I've been learning from, and it's just amazing.

It’s just like on fire and long story short, he goes, “Okay, I want to join your team, I want to join your business, I want to learn from you. I want to work with you, etcetera.” And me, being still a bit of an amateur, still a bit of a newbie, still a bit of a learning phase, I would have been happy with that. I'm honest with you, I would have been happy with that I would have just like, “Awesome. The guy joined my team. Oh my Gosh, it's incredible.” And I would have been done that I would just said, “Hey, thanks for coming by See you later.”

Not my leader. Because I arranged the meeting in my leaders house and she went, “Hey, so what are your plans for the rest of the day? Have you got a day off?” And he goes, “Yeah, because you know, I made some time to come to this meeting.” So she goes “Great. Let's go to London, let's go. We're doing a business opportunity meeting in London. We're going to have some training, there's some products to try. Let's just go there.” And again, he goes, “All right, I'll come with you guys.” And again, because he's actually from London, I would have said, “You drive with your car, we drive with our car etcetera. “But again, my leader thinks ahead of me. She goes, “No, let's go with one car. So we can spend more time together.” So now on the way driving to London, we can talk all the way, we can discuss, we can brainstorm, we can share ideas, then we have a meeting there.

And now on the way back from London again, we’re with the same guy, again, we’re discussing, sharing emotions, what we saw what we experienced, you know what's happening, we are compressing time, because the amount of relationship I got to build with my new team member in this one half of the day, it would have probably taken me three weeks to build this much relationship with that person, you understand I'm saying? And not because I did anything special? Because we've compressed time.

That's what leaders do. They do things now. They don't wait until tomorrow. They don't want to till next week, if there's a call coming in, answer them, you know, if there's an opportunity to have a meeting with somebody, do it now, not sometime in the future. That's the difference. That's the slight edge. That's the small thing that you would have not noticed. You would really go, “Oh, what's the secret? What's the secret? I've been observing my leader, but I don't see the secret.” That's the secret, act on it.

Take action immediately and compress it. Instead of expanding it and go, “Oh, let's plan for next month now. We need tomorrow? Great.” So this person that we had a meeting tomorrow, by the time he got back home, it was night-time. But the guy was on fire. He was excited. Guess what? Today, we've already had a conference call with somebody he's recruiting now into the business, right? Not next week, not next month, and he's got another couple of people lined up to talk with me, because that's it, you can't be a prophet in your own town, you know, you don't do the presentation yourself, you get your people in front of somebody else in front of a tool, right. So it's a small thing.

But if you master it, if you start applying in your business, you will see results much faster. Because you're compressing those many activities that would have taken three months or six months, you’re compressing them in a day in a week in a short space of time. And that's when the momentum starts kicking in. That's when the excitement and the passion and the speed and the emotional all kicks in. Because there's so much happening in such a short period of time.

When a new person joins the business is a very vital period of time. And if you leave that person, there's no communication. And I don't know who said it on internet. But somebody said that when you recruit a new person in business, you have to make contact with that person, every 24 to 72 hours. If there's no contact with that person, they start getting cold, they start forgetting about this, they start distancing themselves from this and that's when people go into witness protection program; when they stop answering phone calls, they stop reading emails, they stop attending events, and they just disappear off the face of the earth. Why? Because we haven't built enough relationship with that team member. We haven't built enough rapport, you know what I mean? So there's no way better to do than to do it fast and to do it quick.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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