Coaching the UNCOACHABLE

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, February 13, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about being coachable and working with people who are coachable and working with people who are not coachable. So the title of this blog is coaching the uncoachable. So I wanted to talk about working with people in your business and about coachability. So what is coachable? What does it mean somebody being coachable?

Well, being coachable means that a person is able to follow instructions. And you might say, “Well, everybody's able to follow instructions.” Well, yeah, everybody's able, but not everybody is willing. Not everybody will. And I always say that there's only two factors or two qualities in the person that I look for when I'm recruiting into my team, I only look for two things. I look for the person to be hungry, which means they have to want something, rather you have to want to change the life or make more money or travel the world or whatever it is.

And secondly, they have to be coachable. They have to be able and willing to learn and apply what they're being told because if somebody is not coachable, there's no way you can help that person to succeed, but still, some people will go, “But how do you like coach the uncoachable? How do you work with people who are not coachable? How do you work with people who would not listen to your instruction?” Well, if you’re trying to coach the uncoachable, they are not the idiot because you can help person to become successful, but you can't make someone to want to become successful. You can bring the horse to the water, but you can't make it drink.

Sometimes, you're trying to send your chickens to the eagle school. And they say don't send the chickens to the eagle school because you can dress the chicken as an eagle, you can tell him to tell himself he is an eagle, but is the chicken. It’s never going to saw the sky and haunt and fly at crazy speeds because he's a chicken.

Same way in business, not everybody will be the rock star recruiter, global domination, leader, etcetera. Some people they're just not those types of people, they will not listen to your instructions, they will not do what you tell them to do and again we have a word for that, we call them ask holes, are people who ask for advice and then they don't do what they're told.

In business unfortunately, you will come across people once in a while who are not coachable. So what should you do? Just love them for who they are. So there will be people in your business who doesn't matter how many times you send them the trainings, doesn't matter how many advice you give them. Doesn't matter how many books you give them, they'll never listen to your advice anyway, which is cool. It's their choice. So all you can do is just love them for who they are, and let them do the business how they want to do it. Now, if they ever say to you, “Well how comes I'm not getting result. How come I'm not making money?” Just tell them, “Well, one of the reasons might be and again, don't get offended. I love you, but you’re just not coachable. I tried to give you advice. I try to give you tips. I try to train you, but you just refuse to do what I'm telling you to do. And I'm afraid I can't help you, when you're ready to start making money, then, let's do it. You know, I'll coach you. I'll train you and then you'll start doing what I'm telling you and you'll start getting results. That's totally cool.”

And you can also pre empty that in advance. So when I have a new person, and I've plugged them into my trainings, I say, “Hey, here's the videos, here's the resources, here's the tips and everything.” And if they go, “Yeah, but I want to do it my way.” I go, “Oh, yeah, that's absolutely fine. As long as you're happy with not making money. You can do it your way, no problem at all. Go for it as long as you happy not making money. Because if you want to make money, then I have a system that actually has been proven to work and makes people money, but if you want to try it your way, totally awesome. Go for it.” Yeah, I'm going to be the biggest cheerleader for you.

That's the only way to work with the uncoachable but you can't coach the uncoachable you can't like I used to say all make them successful, even if it kills me. I nearly died. So don't go that path, right? Because you don't want to stress yourself out. You don't want to go crazy and nuts yourself trying to keep teaching serve because what usually happens with the uncoachable they will come to you and they go, “Oh, you know, I'm struggling with this. Can you help me?” You go, “Yeah, so you can do this.

And you can do that and you can send this and you can use this and it's going to be awesome.” They go, “Aha, okay.” Go away a few weeks later, they come back to you and go, “Oh, I'm really struggling, I'm really struggling to make money. Can you give me some advice?” And you go, “What? Did you do what I told you last time?” They go, “No, no, no, but can you give me something else?” There you go, “Yeah, forget about that. Why don't you do this and that and use this message instead of use this video instead?” They go away. Come back a few weeks, a few months later and go, “I'm not making any money. Can you help me out?” And it can be endless, right? Just go, “Oh, yeah. Let me show you another thing,” but they didn't do the last thing you told them. So what's the point of giving them another thing and another thing and another thing? If they're not bloody doing it anyway.

One way for you to manage that also can be giving a task for somebody. And if somebody messaged us go, “Oh, how do you do that?” You go, “I gave you the video that I answers that question, which shows me that you didn't watch the video. So, go watch the video, then come back to me. Or I told you what, how to do that thing. Did you do it? No. Okay, so until you do that thing, you don't get to ask me any more questions.

Once you've done that report back, then I'll give you another strategy.” You know, and that might be a way to coach the uncoachable. So you send them one video and you go, once you watch that video, get back to me. If they get back to you go first before you ask anything. Have you watched the video I sent you? Yes, I did. Great. Now, this is the next one. You know what I mean? And that's the way again to work with people who are highly uncoachable.

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