Change “some day” into “I will never”

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Ok so today I wanted to talk about replacing ‘one day’ with ‘I will never’. So if you're one of those people who says one day I'll quit smoking, one day I will lose weight, one day I will really reach results in business, one day I will do something. Stop it! Because you don't get to do it. That's the fact. So instead of saying, “Hey, one day I'll quit smoking. One day I’ll lose weight. One day, I'll get a six pack. And one day I'll build a business.” Just say, “I will never quit smoking,” and just smoke the hell out of it. Just say,“I'll never lose weight,” and just go and have some burgers and some pizzas and some donner meat on chips. And instead of saying, “Hey, one day, I'll change my life.” Just relax; just enjoy your life, right? 

Because being out of integrity, is much worse than actually not doing that thing. So don't worry about it instead of just getting, “Hey, one day I'll do it.”, which you definitely won’t because “someday”, it's not a day in the week, we have Monday to Sunday there's no someday. A lot of people live in the magical place called  someday isle”. Someday I'll do that, someday I'll do this, someday I'll do that someday I'll quit smoking, someday I'll lose weight, someday I'll build my business, someday I'll get serious about this and they live on a someday isle, it doesn't exist. 

Wake up! So start replacing it. Every time you catch yourself saying, “One day I will do that, one day I'll retire my husband in business, one day I'll retire my wife by doing this business.” Just go,“I'll never retire my husband. I'll never quit smoking. I'll never stop eating junk food,” and see how that feels. Because being out of integrity is worse, because if you keep saying that one day I'll do that, deep down, you know you're letting yourself down, you know you're letting those other people down, you know you're not going to do it and it's just getting worse. It just gets worse because you feel deep inside that,“I'm not doing what I said I will do. I'm not keeping these promises, I'm not being a person of integrity,” and that's worse. 

It doesn't matter if you fool other people. It doesn't matter if you fool friends or family or people in business, etc. You can't fool you, you know that, you know deep inside but I know it's sexy to say those things like,“Yeah, one day I'll be a diamond, one day I'll be super healthy, one day I'll lose five stone, one day I'll do this business so hard so I can retire my husband or I can retire my wife from their full time job.” And they’ll go, “Oh my God when is that some day going to come.” 

It's sexy to say those goals, it's sexy to share your vision because everybody could go, “Wow, you're amazing person for trying to do that.” So you get a pat on the back just for having that goal, just for saying it to other people, “Yeah I'm going to work so hard I'm going to save some orphans in Africa. Yeah I’m going to work so hard one day, I'll build some schools in Zimbabwe.” But you're not doing anything, you're out of integrity. And that's worse, than actually saying it. But you get a pat on the back and you go, “Yeah, I'll do it.” So start just replacing that, replace some day with I will never and see how it feels. 

That will make you real, that will make you in integrity where your actions match what's coming out of your mouth, because for many people, it doesn't. You say one thing and you do completely the opposite, whether it's in business, in health, in exercise, in relationships, in finances etc. You saying one thing and you do completely other thing. So stop it, just replace it and just say, “Hey, I'll never be good at money I keep spending the hell out of it. And I'll stay in debt for the rest of my life and let banks rip me off and make all that money for me,” just say that instead of, “One day I'll get out of debt.” Make sense? Hope this makes sense.

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