Can you see the SHORE?

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So the stories of a lady called Florence Chadwick and Florence Chadwick in right around 1950s she wanted to swim from I can't remember now exactly, I think from Florida to some sort of an island about 24 miles. She wanted to swim and she wanted to be the first woman swimmer, to swim that distance of 24 miles to that island.

And the day that she went to swim, there was a lot of fog and there were two boats swimming next to her, just in case sharks would come to protect her from the sharks in order to motivate her. But because of this huge fog, she was swimming and swimming and swimming and swimming, and she got so tired, she asked them to pull her out of the water. And remember, there's this fog and they pull out of the water. They cancelled her swim. And she realized that she was only about one mile away from the destination from the shore, from the island that she was swimming to.

Which again, obviously sucks, but when they asked her, they said, “Well, why do you think you failed? Why do you think you didn't swim all the way?” And she said, “If only I could have seen the land, I would probably have swum to the end of it. If only I would have seen the land, probably I would have finished the distance.” And isn't it interesting? Because very often, we are also similar to her where we give up, just before we achieve the results, we give up when we are so close to our destination, we give up when success was just around the corner, but because we don't see how close we were, we just give up because it's tough, because it's hard, because it sucks, because it's difficult and we just throw in the towel very often, just a little bit too early, just round the corner from success.

So what did Florence do? What did you learn from this lesson? Well, Florence few months later, she done the swim again. So again, few months later, they get to the water. She gets into the water, the two boats get into water and again, its massive fog right? So you know, just her luck, right? Well, anyway, she goes for the swim and she swims the whole distance. She swims the 24 miles, she completes the distance, she completes the thing and she actually does it I think like two or three hours faster than the fastest man who’d done that distance, which is incredible, right, hands up for her.

And then again after this race, they interview her again. And they say, “Well, what was different? The first time you didn't complete the distance, you actually asked to be pulled out of the water one mile before you finish the distance and this time you not only you swam the whole thing, but you did it like two hours faster than any man who did it.” Right. And she was the first woman to swim, right? And they said, “What was different?” And she said, “From the moment I got into the water for the whole swim, I imagined the land. I imagined reaching the shore; I imagined reaching the island for the whole duration. And that gave me the energy and the power to go faster than ever and to complete the whole thing.” Hmm. Isn't there a lesson to all of us, especially in business?

Absolutely. So if you want to finish your goal, if you want to reach your dream, if you want to achieve whatever you want to achieve, because each and every one of us, we have different ambitions, we have different aspirations. Some of us will want to make a certain amount of money. Some of us we want to reach a certain level, some of us, we want to impact so many people, some of us we want to travel to a certain degree, whatever it is that you want to achieve. If you want to get there, visualize it, see it every single day. Don't let it escape from you. Don't let it to disappear from your view, have it in your mind every single day. Whatever it is that definite purpose, that mission that you have that vision, that passion, that one thing that you really, really, really want to achieve.

Wake up and remind yourself about it. At lunchtime remind yourself about it before you go to sleep remind yourself about it. Keep telling yourself about it until you sick of hearing it but it will make it vivid in your mind. It will make it clear in your mind and then you will finish the race. You'll go all the way you'll do whatever it takes you do it until you get there because it's there in front of you.

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