Can you build a team if you haven’t got results?

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I want to talk about building a business if you haven't got a result yet.

A lot of people, especially when they’re new in business, but even those who have been in the business for a while, and if they haven't had success, if they haven't made a lot of money, if they haven't had a lot of results, they start worrying about the fact that they have no results. They go, “Oh my gosh, how can I become successful if I'm not making any money? How can I help anybody else to become successful? How can I make help anybody else become successful if I haven't got customers? How can I help somebody build a team if I haven't got many team members?” And so on.

So they start filtering everything through the fact that they haven't received results, how can they help somebody else become successful in the business. And that's a mistake to think in that way. So if you think something like that, then I'll explain and if you come across people who are thinking that way, again, you can help them.

The way to understand this and to handle this is to think this, let's say you're brand new in business, or let's say you've been in a business for a while and you haven't received results. Is there anybody else in your company who is making money without you helping them? And the answer probably is, yes. There are other people in the company who are making money. Another question, is there any other people who are selling products successfully in your company with nothing to do with you, without you helping them? And probably the answer is again, yes, there are other people selling products. Third question, is there are other people successfully recruiting people into the business without you helping them? And again, the answer probably is yes.

The fact that you haven't received results in business has nothing to do with the chance of other people becoming successful in your business. So, because the company has the trainings and the support and the products, etcetera, there is still a chance that you can recruit somebody in business and even though you haven't received results, they will because there's other people in the company who are selling, who are recruiting, who are making money.

So whether you receive results or not, whether you are making money or not, has nothing to do with the person joining the business and making results because they can make results despite you not getting results. They can make money despite you not making money. So to say to yourself that, “Oh, I can't build my business because I haven't received results.” Makes no sense whatsoever.

Instead, you should be sharing with people your opportunity, sharing your products and letting them use the tools available, letting them use the system available because you don't know who those people know, you don't know what experience they have, you don't know what skill set those people have. I'm always looking for people who are better than me to recruit in my business. I don't look for people who like to go, “Oh my Gosh, look at me. I'm so a
nd I'm so clever and I can teach you a thing or two.”

No, I look for people that I can learn from to join my team. I look for people who are better than me to join my team because then I know it will become even more successful, then I know that I will get even better results because those people are better than me. It's the best thing to do is to look for people who are even better than you at selling, who even better than you recruiting, who are better than you on social media and so on. Surround yourself with them.

Like Sir Richard Branson has opened, I don't know how many companies, very many companies, and one of his secrets for success, not that he knows everything about everything, he doesn't know everything about all the different businesses, no, instead, he thinks of idea, why don't we start an airline and then he hires the people who are really competent in that particular field. He hires all of those people into his company, and they make the company successful, then he thinks, oh, let's start a chain of gyms. And then he hires all the people who are great in that industry, and they make their business successful, you understand what I’m saying.

So for you to become successful in network marketing, you don't have to be PhD in network marketing. You don't have to be the best at sales. You don't have to be the best at recruiting. You don't have to be the best in social media. All you have to do is look for good people. That's what you need to do. And once you get smart people, somebody will be great at sales, somebody will be great on phone, somebody will be great on social media, and somebody will be great at recruiting face to face. Awesome.

Your business starts growing; your business started exploding, because you got these great people on board and they're succeeding not because of you, not because you're such an amazing sponsor. No, because you brought in the right people, and you let them use the tools, of course. So if you have a Facebook group, add people to the Facebook group, if you've got some tools on your company website, use those tools. If you got some samples, and some products that you can use, use them if you've got some strategies that you know are some systems and structures, let them use them.

But you don't have to be the greatest person in the world in order to build a huge business. Actually, I've seen it so many times, where somebody built a massive business and they don't know much and they don't do many trainings. They are not so successful. Instead, they just let people use the tools. The biggest leaders in the business are smart. They don't just go, “Oh, let me tell you I know everything.” They go, “Hey, Oh, you got that question? Yeah, we have a video about that. Oh, you need that? Yeah, that's on the main website. Oh you need information about that? Yeah, it's on that newsletter.” You know what I mean? They just point to resources. They're not the people who know everything.

So you can become that person too, even if you’re brand new in business, or if you've been in for a while, it doesn't matter. All you need to do is not know everything, is just learn where to find the information. Become resourceful. Right? So familiarize, what tools do we have, oh, we have a Facebook group. There are some training there. Oh, we have a company website. There's a lot of useful information there. Oh, we have a sponsor who's been in the business for a while.

Well, that person can also be a tool, right? You don't need to know everything in order for you to succeed. You don't need to wait 10 years before you start recruiting people so that you are now a PhD in network marketing. I know all the ingredients and all of my products and I know marketing plan inside out. And I know the company owner, and he's his wife and his children's birthdays, etcetera. No, you don't need all of that in order for you to start exploding business.

All you need to do is just a bit of excitement, and then know where to point people. That's why I even teach our team members not to do the presentation by themselves. I tell them to show a video and make a big deal about it. You know, when you meet somebody, you say, “Hey, look, you know, I'm glad you’re open to hearing about my business. And I won’t even tell you about my business. What I'll do, I'll show you a video and the video will explain to you that, that's how easy my job is. And if you decide to join my business, guess what you're going to have to do, show the video. That's how simple it is.” So you even make a big deal about it. So the person goes, “Oh my Gosh. It's so simple. It's so easy. It's so doable.” You know what I mean? You don't have to be a walking, talking encyclopaedia, right?

All you have to do is just be resourceful. Know where to find information and point your people to that information. That's it. And as the time goes, yes, you'll become more knowledgeable. Yes, maybe you will invest some time and read a couple of books about network marketing, maybe you'll get to know your products better in your company. So that's okay, too. But what I'm trying to tell you is that you don't have to have great results or massive amount of information in order for you to become successful at building your business and recruiting other people at selling the products. No, you don't have to have all of that at the beginning. All you have to do is just use the tools and resources and point other people to the same thing.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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