Can’t is not a word the word is WON’T!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, May 11, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about why success and failure actually live in next door. This topic is success and failures are living next door.

You see, when I talk to people about business, about success, about personal development, very often I notice that their understanding is a little bit different. You see, their understanding is that success is very far away from failure. So it's like where I am now, if I'm failing like this is light years away from success. And that's how a lot of people think, but the reality is quite different.

Reality for me, one of the best descriptions of success is that success is like the combination lock. When you have those Jim locks where you have to, like four digits and you have to set a code to unlock the padlock. For me, success is like that. And very often, if success is getting all four digits and opening the lock, you are maybe three digits already got and you just missing one digit. So it may look like oh my gosh, success is so far away, but actually it's just click, one digit clicks into place, and you go, “Oh my God, how did I not notice this before? How did I not get this before?”

And once that one digit clicks into place, boom, you have this huge leap in your results, in your success, in your earnings, in your everything. You see, success and failure is just like that. It's a super small gap. It's not a huge leap. Very often you’re just a little bit away from success. Like, I've seen this little picture on Facebook with this guy digging the ground looking for diamonds. And it shows one guy keeps digging, and one guy turns around and walks away when it was this much left to the diamonds, you know, and maybe you heard the story of acres of diamonds about this man who went on this whole journey, looking for diamonds all across the world eventually died and then they found the diamonds on the farm where he was living originally that he left to look for diamonds around the world.

What's the lesson here? The lesson here that the success, that the results are sometimes very close, and you’re just this much away from it. So what can take you, what can take you that distance, what can take you over the line, it may be a book, it might be a seminar, it might be a video course, it may be an event, it may be a conversation with somebody.

Sometimes you’re only missing an idea and once that idea clicks in, boom, you start getting better results. So what helped me massively was to change my mindset from, “Oh, I'm stuck. This is no working. Ah, I'm not getting results.” To change my mindset because that is very disempowering, that is very disabling, is very draining your energy. If you feel like I'm just stuck, I'm just a failure. There’s no success. If you change that into, I'm learning, I'm getting better, I'm not that far from success, I'm spending time reading books of successful people, watching videos of successful people, listening to successful people.

How far away can I be from success if I'm constantly exposing myself to those ideas? I can't be that far. So it helped me massively because hey, everybody experiences challenges. Everybody experiences difficulties. And if you ask me, “Hey, Gediminas, have you ever thought about quitting in the 10 years that you've been doing business?” “Well, only 1000 times?” But what helped me was the fact that I was always thinking, well, what's the next idea? What's the next training? What's the next book going to tell me to do that can change my life? And sometimes it's such a small thing. Sometimes it's such a tiny thing, but it can shift your mindset, it can shift your success massively.

So my advice for you guys is understand that success is just around the corner. Success is just another day away, or maybe another week away, or maybe another month away, but you're so close. Do not give up. Do not stop. Do not throw in the towel. Keep going. When the going gets tough, when it's the most difficult, usually you're the closest to success. You're the closest to break through. And that's the universe testing you. That's God testing you if you're worthy of the success, if you're worthy of the gift. And if you persist, if you keep going, the universe will get out of your way. And you will go out of the jungle that was testing you into this beautiful life of your dreams.


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