BUSY just means “out of control”

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about being busy. The title of this blog says busy just means out of control.

Often people reach out to me and they say, “Oh, you must be super busy. I'm terribly sorry to disturb you.” And even though yes, I have a full schedule, I do a lot of things. I'll do a lot of meetings and trainings and videos, the notion of, “Oh I'm too busy to do something, I'm so busy.” For me just sounds like somebody's out of control because I find time for things that I want to find time for because I control my schedule, I control my time.

So when somebody says to me, “Oh, I'm terribly sorry, you must be super busy.” I'm thinking, no I’m not. I'm okay. I have time. I have time to have a conversation. I have time to help somebody, I have time to work with somebody because I have my schedule under control. And when somebody says, “Oh, I'm too busy to do something,” all it shows to me is that that person is out of control in their time, they're not controlling their time.

That means they took so much stuff on that they now are overwhelmed and stressed and overworked. The key to time management is not how to do things better, is how to do less things because the more things you take on, the more things you do, “Oh, yeah, I'll do that. Oh, yes, I'll do that, Oh, yes, I'll do that.” The more things you take on, the more overwhelmed you become, the more stressed you become, the less time you have left.

A lot of the times, time management is all about saying no to things because too many of us are too easy to just agree and agree and agree and agree, and take on all the things and then we go, “Oh my gosh, how do I ever do this and I'm already late for that. And I’m already late for that.” And we're running around like headless chickens, because we simply took too much stuff on and we lost control of our time.

So if you feel sometimes that you are too busy, ask yourself, “How did I lose control of my time? How can I manage my time better, so I can still do a lot but don't get stressed out of my head? Don't have to run breathless, don't have to be so busy that I don't have a time to have a conversation?” Things to think about.

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