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Today I wanted to talk about burnt market script. So I've learned this from my mentor, Ray Higdon. So what is burned market script? Well for me, the company that I'm in was the very first company. This was the first business I've ever done, and I'm still in it rocking and rolling because I absolutely love it. I love our team. I love our products and it's just incredible. 

However, some of you have done different businesses in the past, so you might have come into your current business from a few different other companies that you've been before. So if you've done different businesses in the past, and you pitched the business to your friends, and if you've been with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 different network marketing companies, you have burned your warm market so your friends, family, work colleagues, you basically have killed them to where they now have become immune to your money message. So you could come to them and say, “Hey, you give me 10 pounds I give you 20 pounds back straightaway,” and they'll go, “No thanks. I'm okay.” Because they have become immune to your money message, because they've seen you start a new business and start a new business and start a new business and start a new business that they don't believe anymore that you can become successful in any business. And they don't believe that they could join you and become successful. So that's your burnt market. Not everybody, not every one of you will be in this position but some of you, I know for sure, you've been with a number of different companies, and you know for sure that there are some friends and family who would never join your business.

This burnt markets script is for those people who you think would never ever join your team in network marketing. So what you say to those types of people who would never join your business and you now join another company and you go, “Oh this is amazing. How do I pitch the business to them?” So what you do, you go to that person and you go, “Hey, Uncle Tom, or Hey Aunt Mary. I know my business is not a fit for you,” so you started straight away, you don't go, “Hey this one is different.” Because they are immune, like I said they’re not going to join you instead you go to them and go, “Hey look I know my business is not a fit for you, I know you would not do business with me, however, I think you might like this product, you might like it, you might not, but I'm guessing you’re probably going to like this product. Would you take a look at it?” 

What you’re doing straightaway, you’re defusing the whole situation. You are not coming, “Hey man! I've got another one, join this one now, this one is for sure going to be good.” Because they ain't going to join but you come to them and you go, “Hey look I know my business is not a fit for you and I know you're not interested in joining my network marketing business, however, this product may be really of interest to you. You might like it, you might not, but I'm guessing you’re probably going to like this product. Would you be open to take a look at it and if no, no big deal?” 

Guess what? One is going to be a different approach? Because when they see you’re ringing or when they know you're coming, they go, “Ah, probably she's going to pitch me another business.” And when you go, “Hey, I know it's not for you, I know you don't want to do business with me, which is totally fine,” they go, “That's different. That's unexpected because I thought they'll just pitch me another one.” And then when you go, “Hey, but I think you might like this product, would you take a look at a video about what we do?” They will might go, “Okay, I'll take a look at a video, to take a look at the product.” but guess what? You send them the whole presentation video, so when they watch the presentation now that they are with a different mindset, where you're not trying to pitch them, you're not trying to recruit them, they watch the video and they might like the product and they might even like the business side. So when they come back to you, they might, “Oh, why did you say that it’s not a fit for me? Why did you say that I wouldn't be interested? Actually, it sounds quite interesting.” Do you understand what you’re doing here? You’re approaching the people who you think for sure wouldn’t join, and you’re turning it the other way around. Doesn't mean every one of them will join your business, no of course not. But some who if you came, I go, “Hey, this number 10 is really going to work, this company definitely is going to work.” It ain’t going to work. They're not going to join but if you come with a different mindset where you go, “Hey, I know this is not for you,” there's a chance at least that they will take a look at it. And if they take a look at it, maybe they'll get the idea of the business and maybe they'll get curious, they'll get seduced to go, “Hey actually, I would like to do this.”

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