Building UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE in your business

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about building unstoppable confidence. So first of all, why would you want to become unstoppable, confident in your business?

Well, confidence provides action. If you're confident then you're going to take action. If you're confident about talking to people, you will talk to people, if you're confident about selling, then you're going to sell, if you're confident about recruiting, you're going to recruit you know what I mean? Because whenever you feel not confident, then you simply stop taking action. You stop procrastinating. You start looking for reasons you start looking for excuses and so on.

Today we're going to share five things that will help you to build that unstoppable confidence. If you work on those five things it can really help you to become super confident and to become unshakable. You know, to become a person that doesn't matter what you hear, doesn't matter what somebody says. It will not shake you, you will be like a rhino, and you’ll be like a rock unmovable, unshakable and undestroyable. So what are those five things? Well, actually, these are the five things you need to build your confidence in.

The first thing you want to build your confidence in is the industry of network marketing. So how can you build your confidence in the industry? Well, by studying the industry you know, I would highly recommend you started reading books like the GoPro by Eric Worre like the formula for success in network marketing, like your first year in network marketing by Mark ENL.

Like the business of the 21st century. I know definitely there's a CD by Jim Rowan, like Rich Dad Poor Dad and cash flow quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki to learn about passive income and what it all means, you know, beach money by Jordan Adler. There's just so many books that you can read, to start understanding the industry, to start understanding this business, because you might be in a company that's been around for three years, but the industry has been around for 70 years or 80 years, you know what I mean? So it's much bigger than what you just have in front of you.

So learning about network marketing industry, you're watching the documentary called the rise of the entrepreneur. You know, that's what Eric Worre put together, you know, reading books by Ray Higdon like the freakishly effective social media for network marketing freakishly effective leadership for network marketing, you know, all of these things, the more you study the whole of network marketing, the more your confidence will grow in this industry, where you understand that this is a serious industry, doing billions and billions and billions of dollars of business, millions of people are actually part of this industry. And you start understanding how strong it is.

Because then when you understand you are armed with these bullets, you're armed with these weapons so that when somebody says our network marketing is rubbish, you go, “Hey, man, you know, if you open to discussion, I can explain to you why network marketing is so awesome, why it's one of the best options for an ordinary person to get into the business because its lowest risk, lowest overhead, lowest investment lowest ever been compared to all the other traditional businesses and so on. So this way first of all, you build your confidence in the industry.

The second thing you want to build your confidence in is the company. So once you build your confidence in the industry, now you need to build your confidence in the company that you're working with. So again, research your company, look into it, you know, who are the founders, who are the owners, who are the directors, what sort of company it is, how do they operate, how do they produce their products? What sort of charity organizations do they cooperate with? What companies do they cooperate with? Who is making their product and so on and so on.

Again so that you can become confident in this company. You can become confident in what you're inviting these people to join then you know, you have a strong business behind you, you have a strong company that's backing you up that is supporting you, you know what I mean? Attend company events, you know, whenever there's a conference or a destination event, or a chance for you to visit their head offices, etcetera. Take that opportunity because again, visiting the company meeting the owners meeting the corporate team will build your confidence in the company that you're working with. So that you know it's a real thing. It's a strong businesses, great people, you know, that you're being part of right. So that's the second step towards building that unshakable, unstoppable confidence.

The third step is to build your confidence in the product. So you need to be confident to 100% in the product that you are presenting, in the product that you're recommending to somebody, in the product that you're promoting on your social media. And the only way to become truly confident is to use the products; you have to absolutely use all the products wherever applicable, right? Like, it wouldn't be much used for me to use the luxury hair repair oil, right? Or volumizing shampoo because it's not much that you know what I mean?

But you should be using as many products as possible so that you have experienced them by yourself. So when you recommending them to somebody, you're not just pushing something to them to buy so you make some money, but you actually recommending that product because you've got the product experience. You know what he does, you know how it works.

So that's probably the biggest way how to build confidence in the product but at the same time, you can also learn about the products, study the products, you know what sort of ingredients do your products have? How are they sourced? What are those ingredients do especially when it comes to food supplements and vitamins. You can do some research into what each of those ingredients do to the human body. How does it help? What support does it provide? You know when it comes to cosmetic products again, you can research and look what sort of ingredients does it have? Does it have parables, does it have vitamins, and does it have plant extras? Does it have minerals and so on and so on so that you are confident when you’re speaking to somebody you can tell them why this product is great, not just a, “Hey buy this product."

But you can tell them hey, this product has this ingredient and this ingredient and this is what it does. And this is what this ingredient does. And this is what this ingredient does. And once you've tried it yourself you can also add your story how it felt when you use the products and that will build that unstoppable confidence in your product. So we had the industry, the company and the product.

The fourth thing that you need to build your confidence in is the skills. So there are seven major skills Eric Worre has written the book the GoPro, there are seven major skills of network marketing, which is finding prospects, inviting prospects, presenting, follow up, closing, getting people started and promoting events. So these are the seven major skills. Now yes, there are other things that you can also learn, you know, and become better at but those are the seven major skills.

So the more you study those skills, the more you develop those skills, the more confident you will become at them. So number one would be to watch you know the training by recording or read the book GoPro, right. But then there are many other books that can help you to hone those skills like a building my empire by Brian Caruthers amazing book, you know, and there's a bunch of other network marketing books, if you just go on Amazon, if you just go to, you know, EV and Google network marketing books, there will be many books that will help you to hone those skills so that you become confident because once you really study and practice the invitation, then you become confident, you become brave, you become okay to invite people, you know what I mean?

Once you study, you know, getting people started, then you become more confident getting your new team members started, you know, jumping on an on boarding call, setting their expectations, going through the Getting Started checklist, and so on. Because you become confident in those things because you learn them, you study them, you know what I mean? So don't try to blag your way through network marketing, just to get all our fingers crossed is going to work for me. You know, I can't be bothered to study or learn it, but I just hope it's going to work out. No, it's not going to work out. You have to study like, if you wanted to become a doctor, you couldn’t just go, “Forget about studying, let me just start cutting people open.” Nobody's going to allow you to do that. Right?

You first have to spend nine years in university, and then maybe you get to cut some people open, you know what I mean? So in network marketing, again, you need to be able to spend some time to study and hone your skills so that you know what you're doing because otherwise you might even be putting a lot of effort and time into it but you're not getting results because you have no skills because you're doing things wrong, right. And then, you know, there are so many things they can be done wrong, you know, if you don't know how to do it in the business.

And finally, number five area that you need to build your confidence in is you. Number five is you and it has PD in brackets that stand for personal development. If you want to build confidence in you, one of the-- not one of the only way to do it is to heavily invest in personal development. Because we all have the programming, you know, from our parents, from our teachers, from our neighbours, from our friends, from our surrounding, that may have programmed into you things like, you know, you're not smart enough, you're not good enough, you're not beautiful enough, you're not whatever enough, you know, things that happened to you in the past might have stuck with you.

A lot of people are driving this baggage of bad things that happened to them, you know, the failures that happened to them and so on. And it's impacting them, right. So the only way for you to start being confident in yourself, believing in yourself, loving yourself is through personal development. Again, through reading books, through watching seminars, through working, going to the trainings and so on, you know, that's the only way to build that confidence in you. Where you go, you know, I believe in me, I believe I can do this. I believe I can take on this mission, I believe I can reach those results. I believe I'm good enough to do those things. You know what I mean?

Because a lot of us, because of all this programming, because of all the bad experiences in the past, we have this negative thing and going on in our back of our minds, you know, we see somebody succeed in our company, and we go, “Yeah, but I couldn't do that.” We see somebody gets a brand new car and go, “Yeah, but probably I would never get that.” We keep saying these things to ourselves, that is preventing us from succeeding, that is sabotaging us. So, if you're not on your team, then it's really difficult to win the game. If you are talking yourself out of success, every single day by all the back stuff or by all the programming, then it's really difficult for you to break through, to progress, to get the results.

So the only way to do that is to invest in personal development, invest in you, you are the most important asset that you have. So invest in you every single day. If you're driving, listen to something a personal development, a podcast, videos, lives or something like that. If you're at home, when you wake up, read a bit of a book, 10 pages, before you go to sleep, read another 10 pages, spend time around people who will inspire you. People who believe in you, people who say you're great, you are amazing, people who keep lifting you up, not pulling you down because then is difficult to progress.

You have to be meticulous of this. You have to be on purpose with this because by default, negativity wins. By default, negative people will surround you, by default, you will start watching news and listen to news and reading newspapers that are full of negativity. So by default is usually you become negative. So to become positive, you have to do it, it's like a muscle. It's like working on yourself, but the more you develop yourself, the more confident you become, the more powerful you become, the more stoppable.

Those five things, if you develop your confidence in your industry, in your company, in your products, in your skills, and in yourself, then guess what, you become unstoppable. Nobody can shake you. Nobody can bring you down, nobody can talk you out of business. Nobody can criticize you enough for you to quit. Nobody can hate you on social media enough for you to quit, nothing can harm you. You become bulletproof. You become like Teflon, everything is just bouncing off you. You become like a rhino with that thick skin.

If you’re in a car, or if you’re standing and the rhino is running towards you, it's game over. There is nothing you can do to stop it. It has a skin so thick, even bullets don't go through it. That's what you become in your business, you become a rhino in your network marketing business where no storm can affect you, no challenges can get you off track and there can be massive challenges with the company, with the products, with the people, with your leadership, with your team, with whatever, but you’re just like a rock, you just keep going forward. You just keep moving forward, you just keep building your business. Nothing can affect you if you have those five things. So work on them, work on them.

Consciously invest some time to work on them, to learn more about the industry, to learn more about your company, to learn more about your products, to learn develop the skills, to invest in yourself bit by bit, it doesn't have to be tremendous straight away, which few minutes a day, few minutes a day, few minutes a day, few minutes a day. If you do that, if you just improve 1% a day, that's 360% over a year. You become almost four times better over one year, if you just improve 1%. How hard is it to improve yourself 1%? Not very hard. It's straightforward. It's just a little bit of time. So that's my wish for you guys.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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