Breakdown before Breakthrough

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This topic is about break down before break through.

What do I mean by that? Well, we all would love our journey to success to just be a smooth ride. We all would love to have it easy, we all would love for it to just be smooth sailing, right? But as it happens, as you'll probably realize, or probably already realized in your life, that nothing really ever worthwhile in life happens easy. There are usually challenges; ups and downs, etcetera. I've never read a successful person's biography or listen to successful person's story and they will just go, “Yeah, it was just a piece of cake. Easy peasy, just went straight to success, no challenges.” It just doesn't happen like that.

If you look at successful people's stories, you know, you'll find challenges, difficulties, hustling, hard work, etcetera, before they become successful. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these people's stories, you know, Oprah Winfrey being told that she's unfit for television, Elvis Presley is being told that go back to driving a truck, Michael Jordan, being told that he will not be accepted for the team of the basketball, and so on, and so on, and so on. So many people who achieved great success, they had to go through these challenges.

The idea is that we need to sort of embrace those challenges, you know, they say, when God sends you a gift, he wraps that gift in problems and whether or not you're able to unwrap those problems, will determine if you're worthy of the gift inside, which I think it's a pretty clever way of putting it. So whatever you believe, whether it's God or universe or whatever you will be tested, you will have to learn certain lessons before you can go to the next stage and before you can go to the next level and sometimes they say, people succeed in life, in business, either out of inspiration, or out of desperation.

So either somebody sees something so inspiring, and they get that fire in the belly, and they want to chase the dreams and achieve success in life, or sometimes somebody gets into a very bad situation in life, where they decide, you know what, enough is enough, I need to make it happen. I love the quote, by JK Rowling, the lady who wrote Harry Potter, and she was in a bad place in life, she was broke living on government's assistance, and things like that, and she said that hitting rock bottom is not such a bad thing, because being at rock bottom, gives you a solid foundation to build your life up. So you know, when you're in that place, where the only ways up is also sometimes good place to be and sometimes it's having something to prove.

I can pretty much guarantee that your journey towards success, there's going to be many challenges, there's going to be many difficulties, there's going to be people who will not support you, there will be haters, there will be people laughing at you, there will be people talking behind your back and things like that. Sometimes, just that is also a good thing, because when you have people laughing behind your back, when you have people not supporting you and so on maybe that give you something to prove. You know, I love Frank Sinatra's quote, that
best revenge is massive success and I just love that because there's no better revenge. Yeah, you could talk back at them, and you could fight with them, and so on.

But much better is for you to go and show them what you're made of, show them how it's done, show them that it's possible and once you've done it, say to them, “Hey, you said I'm never going to do it, and here I am.” So that’s having that something to prove again, can help you to have that breakthrough, so what I'm trying to say that life and businesses is very much like seasons; you have good seasons, and not so good seasons, maybe right now, you're in the winter of your life, right, where it's just hard. It's just not happening for you is just difficult.

But what you have to understand that after winter, there's always the spring, right? Or maybe right now you're in the summer season of your life; maybe everything is going great, work is great, business is great, relationship is just fabulous, right? Well guess what? Winter is coming. So there will be bad seasons, there will be good seasons in life, right? You just you can't avoid that.

So again, if you accept that and you if you understand that, then you know when you have that breakdown, when you have those difficulties, when you want to give up, when you want to quit, when you want to throw in the towel, you can remind yourself that this is not come to stay, it has come to pass. So it will pass, you will get a breakthrough, but you have to keep going. The worst thing you can do is give up on a bad day. You should never give up on a bad day because that's not the day you give up. You have to keep going, you have to keep pushing because that breakthrough might be just around the corner.

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