Boats don’t sink when the water is around them

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, November 20, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about boats. Yeah, so of all the things I wanted to talk about boats. The title of this blog is that the boats don't sink when the water is around them. Why do I talk about boats?

Well, there's an important lesson about that. The same goes, boats don't sink when the water is around them, they sink when the water is inside them. That's right, a ship swims through water. Its okay with being in water, but it will sink if the water gets inside.

Human beings are not that different from those boats. Negativity is a bit like water to the ships, negativities to humans. What does that mean?

Negativity can surround you, you can have negative people at your workplace, you can have negative people around and you can still be very successful person, you can still build a successful business, you can still work on yourself and be amazing. However, if you let that negativity get inside of you, its game over, you're dead in the water. Whatever you do, especially when it comes to building your business and becoming successful professionally, you cannot let that negativity get inside of you.

That's why about nine years ago, I made a decision to stop watching news on television, to stop reading newspapers, to stop listening to news when I'm driving the car. Why would I do that? I’ll ask you a question. What is news full of? What is newspapers full of? It's full of negativity. Who killed who, who stole who, what disaster happened, how many people murdered.

It's all about negativity. It's all about the bad stuff. Imagine if every day you're pumping this negativity into your head, you're watching the news, reading the newspapers, listening to the news, what type of person do you think you'll become? You'll become a negative person who doesn't believe there's anything good in this world, that it's all going down to drain and there's no good because this is the most powerful computer in the world.

Computer is only as good as the programs that you install into the computer, isn't it? Well, this computer is no different. It's only as good as the programs that you install. If you're installing negativity every day, guess what, you're going to get negative results. But if you start installing positivity, you're going to start having positive results.

But even when you’re installing positive information, may be you're reading books every day, you're watching motivational videos, inspirational videos, educational videos, you're attending seminars and you're putting this positivity, there is still a chance, very big chance that you will be exposed to negative people, you'll be exposed to critics, you'll be exposed to haters on social media saying, “Ah, you're an idiot. Oh, what are you doing is rubbish. Oh, you're a scammer this and the other.”

You will get people trying to pull you down. You have to be so, so, so strong. Never ever, ever allow those people's negativity, their doubts, their hate, their whatever to get inside your head because some people will try to live inside your head and not pay the rent for it. Never let that happen. Never allow somebody to live in your head, rent free, kick them out, kick them out. Don't let them be in your head.

And some people very cleverly will try to get in your head, will try to demotivate you, will try to put pain inside of you, will try to do something like that. That's toxic people. You have to eliminate them from your life if you can, if you can't eliminate them, minimize the time you spend around them, minimize how much you see of them, minimize how much information you get from them because people like that can put doubt inside of you and like that water inside the boat, it will sink you. Never allow that to happen.

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