Believe in your Team Member before they start believing in themselves!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Sunday, January 5, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about believing in your team member before they start believing in themselves.

A lot of people who will join your business, they've been beaten up in life so many times that they lost the belief in themselves, they don't actually believe they can become successful, they don't actually believe that they could make the money, they don't believe that they could reach the top level, they don't believe that they could stand in front of hundreds of thousands of people speaking to them.

So your job very often as a leader is to start believing in that person and showing that belief in them before they even start believing in themselves. I know it worked on me because when I first got started in home based business, I didn't believe that I could succeed, I didn’t believe that I could be like those people walking on a stage, like those people picking up the keys for their cars, like those people achieving huge income and things like that, but the belief of my sponsors, belief of my mentors in me, because they kept saying, “We believe in you, we think you can do so well, we think you could be the best speaker out here, we think you could do so much, you could build such a huge team." Their belief was transferred to me.

So when they believed in me, that's when I started believing in myself and thinking, you know what, maybe they're right, maybe I could be a good speaker, maybe I could do this the business, maybe I could become successful. So their belief in me has helped me to believe in myself. So now guess what, my job is now to transfer that belief on to my team members. So when I see somebody in my team who joins and I can see that that person has a massive potential, I see they could do so much they could achieve so much they could inspire thousands of other people, my job then is to believe in them before they even start believing in themselves and tell them about it.

Tell them that I believe in them, tell them that I trust them, tell them that I'm their biggest fan, I'm the biggest cheerleader and I'm going to be there clapping my hands when they walk in that stage, picking up the keys to them and say this, you know, achieving their big cheques. And that belief sometimes not always, but a lot of the times it will transfer to that person. And that person starts believing in themselves as well. And all of a sudden you start seeing them crushing it and getting great results.

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