Being MISERABLE is easier than being in ACTION and producing RESULTS

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Saturday, February 23, 2019 Under: Personal Development

A very quick message today; being miserable is easier than being active and producing results. 

A lot of people choose that easier path, especially in business because in business, it's so much easier just to be miserable and complain how bad things are, that you don't have certain products, that some leaders are leaving the business that this or that happened, that somebody bitching or whatever. 

It's so easy to just be miserable, and have that as an excuse and not do your business, not be productive, not be active. It's so much easier than going and killing it. Then going and actually doing the work just to sit there and complain. And most people do that in normal life. Not in business. But like think about your family, your friends, your work colleagues, what do they do? 

They just complain. “Oh, the government is horrible. Oh, the tax system is horrible. Oh, my family is horrible. My husband is horrible.” Like everybody complains how bad things are. But nobody's actually freaking doing anything to change it. It's the same in business. Guess what? Nothing changes here, a lot of people come into business and they'll just complain how everything bad and they'll just be miserable and cry. 

And it's totally cool if they want to choose that, if they want to do it, no problem, carry on doing that. And if you’re one of those people, hey look, I get you. I get you. I was that person before, totally cool, keep doing it; one day you'll get it, maybe not right now. But if you're a leader if you want to change your life, instead of complaining, instead of whinging, instead of whining go and produce some results. You know something horrible, something bad happens in your business like I remember listening to Ray Higdon. And he said, “Every time I had a big leader leave my team and go to another business or quit the business. Every time I had a leader leave my team, it was always my biggest recruiting month.” Why? Because can you do something about the leader leaving your team? No! They already they left, they already made a decision. It's done. So instead of crying, “Oh they left the business.” You go and recruit another 50 people and you replace them. 

You know Cesar Rodriguez always says, “Don't chase them, replace them.” So don't waste time chasing people. Go and recruit another 10 in place instead of them and replace them. It's just a better plan of action, if you ask me - that’s just a better way of doing it. So don't be miserable, instead, go and produce results. Something bad happens go and sell the heck lot of products, something bad happens go to recruit a bunch of people. 

That activity one; you'll grow your business, two, it’ll motivate and inspire you, three, you won't have time to bitch about how bad things are, because you’re in action, because you’re motivated, because you’re powerful, because the only time you have time to throw yourself a pity party and be sorry for yourself is when you're not in action. Because if your diary is full of appointments and you're crushing it and you’re killing it, and you’re doing meeting after meeting after meeting Guess what? You don't have time to be sorry for yourself, you don't have time to complain, you just go and crush it!

Hope you all got value from this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. See you all at the top!

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