Are you speaking a foreign language to your prospects and new team members?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about how sometimes we talk a foreign language to our prospects and our team members.

We came back to Lithuania and of course we visiting family and Rita's sister with her children was visiting us too and her youngest boy is about three years old. And Rita was speaking in English to Migle, our daughter and she was saying something in English and Rita sister’s boy goes to Rita’s sister and goes, “How come our Auntie Rita is saying, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah?” Obviously, because he's Lithuanian, he can’t understand the word that Rita is saying in English to the kids. And for him, it's all just gibberish. It all doesn't make any sense at all. Then we were talking about it with Rita and it made me think that sometimes that's how we sound to our prospects and our team members because we use certain words and certain jargon in network marketing, which is sometimes not understandable for people outside of network marketing.

When you're prospecting people and if you start talking about passive income, and leverage and time freedom, and financial freedom, and all of that, for most people, if they've never done any personal development, if they've never done a business of their own, if they've never done network marketing, it's all Chinese. It's all doesn't make any sense at all, because they don't know what is leverage. They don't know what is passive income. They don't know what is financial freedom. For them, all they know is a job that pays you hourly salary.

And same way sometimes when we speak to the new team members, again, sometimes we don't appreciate that that person have never done network marketing. We start talking to them about levels, about legs, about points, about volume, about all sorts of different incentive programs and things like that, and we confuse that heck out of them, because they don't understand what the heck does it mean? Because they've never done a business like that.

We need to sometimes dumb it down or maybe dumb it down is a horrible word, but think about the new person as a blank canvas and accept that they don't know anything about your business. They don't know anything because they haven't done a PhD in network marketing. You need to use words that a normal person would understand easily, instead of using specific words that he wouldn't understand.

Because the same like if you go to doctor and a doctor starts using the Latin words for medicines, you wouldn't understand what the heck they talking about. That's what you would say, “Hey, Doctor, just tell me normal words. What's going on?” Same me in business, try to speak in a manner that another person will understand, that it will clear for them and they will go, “Okay, I get it. It’s an extra income. It's an opportunity to get paid for recommendations, is an opportunity to get paid for the work you did before.”

Is just in simple lay terms. And same way when somebody joins your team, don't use too much jargon and just assume they don't know anything. Some people will join your business who will have actual experience and they know what you're talking about. But best is just assume they don't know anything. And you have to teach them all, because as soon as you start assuming that, “Hey, they'll know that and they’re okay with this.”

Then you will lose some people because some people, they're not going to know the answer, or they're not going to know what it means or how to find the information, but because they don't want to look stupid, they'll just don't do anything. They're not going to come to you and go, “Hey, look, I don't understand. Can you explain this?” They'll just won't do anything and then you say, “How come these people are not doing anything?” Is because they don't understand or the way you explaining it, it doesn't make any sense to them. Make sense? 
I hope this blog post makes sense.

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