Are you making this MISTAKE in your network marketing business?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to ask you about a mistake that you're possibly making in your network marketing business because I've seen so many people in network marketing actually make that mistake. What is this mistake I'm talking about?

Well, the mistake is that a lot of people in network marketing think that network marketing business is about selling a product or selling the business opportunity. They think that the main core of the business like the main thing, like the cornerstone of this business is all about selling a product or recruiting a person into the business, but the reality is that that's not sure. Do we need to sell products in network marketing? Totally. Like if the product is not moving, nobody's going to be making money. Do we need to recruit people into the business?

Of course, the new people that come into our business is the lifeblood of network marketing. The only way for you to grow your passive income and to grow an empire in network marketing is by building a team. But what is the most important thing? Is not the sales and not the recruitment, the most important thing, the glue that keeps everything together, and the one thing that will make sure that what you're building is a legacy, what you're building is an empire, what you're building is something that's going to last for years and years and years. That one thing is community.

What you want to be building before anything else is community. The community is what’s going to keep the people together because if all you are about and all your business is about and all your team is about, just sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, that's not very inspiring. That doesn't really keep people together that doesn't really give people an identity to work together. “Oh, we just are a bunch of salespeople.” That's not very exciting. That's not very sexy.

Same with recruiting. If it all just becomes a recruiting machine, let’s just recruit, recruit, recruit, bring as many people in, then very quickly, people just become numbers, just like, “Hey, how many did you get?” “Oh, I got five.” “How many did you get?” “Oh, I got seven.” It becomes meaningless. But when you're building the business as a community, as a togetherness, as identity, when somebody joins your team, they haven't just joined your company. They haven't just joined your product.

What they are joining is a family. What they are joining is a club, what they are joining is a tribe of people who stick together, who have similar values, who have similar goals, who have similar ideas, who have similar ethics, who have similar systems and structures that they all work using. And how do you create this culture? Well, we could spend an hour on this. And maybe we'll do a training like that. But the main things are very simple.

It's about making everybody feel welcome in your team because if you make somebody feel great, while as you're making somebody else feel like crap, that's not a great community. Community is about creating an environment where everybody feels welcome, where everybody feels like they do have a way to contribute towards the common good, towards the teamwork.

Also, community is about giving people an identity, being part of something bigger than just making money, that's a big part of that is recognition and appreciation because when you recognize people in your team, when you appreciate them, when you celebrate them, when you grow people, when you invest in people, that again becomes a community, it becomes something that people are happy to be around, something that people are happy to be part of. As your team is growing and as you keep doing this business longer and longer, you're bound to have people who come into your business, be very active, then disappear, then come back again months later, or sometimes even years later.

Now, the worst thing you can do as a leader when somebody resurfaces or reappears into the business after some time being away, the worst thing you can do is go, “Ah, finally, you're back here.” To make the person feel uncomfortable, that's the worst thing you can do. What you want to do is when somebody resurfaces, when somebody reappears in your business, just act as if they never left. Just love on them, just welcome them, just embrace them, just show them what's new, what new things you're working on, what new technologies you have, what new trainings, what new products are there, and just make them feel good.

And will that mean they will always say no, they sometimes they will disappear again, but if every time they resurface, every time they reappear, you make them feel welcome. Every time they come into your meeting, they feel warm inside, they feel nice, guess what that's going to create? It’s going to create a feeling where they go, “Well, every time I go to the meeting, every time I go to the training, every time I’m on the webinar, every time I'm part of the thing, I feel good. And guess what? We all just want to feel good.

I don't care what your goals are, you may want a Ferrari, you may want a mansion, you may want to travel around the world, you may want to have more money in your bank account than the Pope. It doesn't really matter if I dug deep enough, if I said, “Well, why do you want that car? Why do you want that house?” We will arrive eventually where you're going to say, “Well, it's going to make me feel good.” It's all about that. We all as humans, we only do two things. We either seek pleasure or avoid pain. That's all we do normally. If you make the person feel good being part of your team, then guess what, they're always going to be there. They will never want to leave. They always want to be part of that community.

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