Are you looking for people like you?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I wanted to talk about the fact that we all want people to be like us. So the title of this blog is are you looking for people like you, and probably this is like eternal challenge for leaders.

I don't know about most of you guys, but when I first started in the in a home based business, I wanted for other people like me, I was like, “Why can't I find people like me? Who would be driven as me, motivated as me, have goals like me, would work hard like me." And I was failing miserably to find people like me. I just could not find people like me. What is going on? Then I thought maybe it's not about finding them, maybe I need to make people like me.

So maybe I need to find any type of person and then mold them into the image of me. So and that didn't work either. I just couldn't make people like me, until I realized probably one of the most important lessons for leadership, for culture and for duplication. And that lesson is that the point is not to make people more like you, the point is to help people to become the best version of themselves, the best version of themselves. And the best version of themselves might not be the person that you are. It might be better than you are. It might be whatever. It’s a different person. So you can never expect, because if you’re on this look out, that I will only build business with people like me who I exactly like me, then you're going to have a very lonely journey in this business because it's just not going to happen like that.

Even if you have the mentality that I will only work with people who are like me, you'll struggle to build the tremendous business because you know this four different types of personalities. You know there are introverts, you know there are extroverts. You know there are people who want to help and there's natural born leaders and there is the calculative type, you know the accountant type people, and then there's the party animals. So if you're only focused on working with one kind of person, or developing all people into just the top of you, it will be very, very difficult journey in business for you and it's going to be a lonely one.

The key for you is first of all, when you're bringing people into the business is to see the best in them. So don't compare this new person to you and go, “Oh, they're not as motivated as me. Oh, they're not.” Stop, stop comparing. Instead, look, what is this person's natural talent? What is their natural skill, and some people will be great natural sellers, but they will be rubbish at recruiting, others will be graded recruiting, but they will be rubbish at training people or looking after people, others will be something else.

So each person has their own natural talent, has their own actual ability. And that is what you want to focus on. That is what you want to develop and encourage. So if you see that person has a passion at something, you see they’re good at something, drive that and encouraged that. Let them really focus on that one thing and help them to develop that first and only later do all the other things and help these people to become the best versions of themselves.

Well, how can I do that? How can I help people to become the best version of themselves? By asking them by asking them the right questions like what are your goals? What are your dreams? What would you like to achieve in this business? How much would you like to earn? What is the most important values for you? Listen, you know, nine times out of 10, you won't even have to ask these questions. If you just talk to the person and listen to what they're saying, very quickly, you start catching these little things from the language. Why did they join the business? What do they want to achieve? Where do they want to go? And then you can help them to get there.

Once you know the person’s dreams, once you know the person's ambitions, then you can help them to get there. You can then help this person. But if you just filter everything through you like oh, my goal is to get this this Mercedes and I assume that everybody else wants this Mercedes you’ll be selling shampoo to the bald guy. It's a hard sell, you know, because the bald guy doesn't want the shampoo.

So same in terms of dreams and ambitions; you need to find what do they want instead of trying to sell them your dream and ambition because my dream might be very different from your dream and your dream will be very different from somebody else's dream. So if I try to sell you on my dream, you might not buy it. But if I find your dream, it'll be very easy to sell you on that dream because it's yours. Why don't we go and achieve your biggest dream in life? Can I help you to achieve your biggest dream in life?

Once I know what it is, then I can help you get there and you'll be fired up. You'll be motivated because you go, “Oh my Gosh, she gets me. He understands me like we're on the same page.” And we might not be on the same page, like your dream might be to go to California and ride a horse on the beach. Like, well, that might not be my dream. But if I help you to get there, you're going to go I know she gets me. We are on the same page. Because guess what? Everybody's listening to the same radio station. That radio station is WIIFM stands for What's In It For Me. What's in it for me?

That's what everybody else is listening to. I know you'd love for them to listen what is in it for you, right? But they're not. Everybody's listening, what's in it for me, right? And they want to hear that. That's what they’re interested in. They’re interested in them. They interested in their dreams, they interested in their goals. So if you want to achieve a big goal, and you go, guys, I really want to hit this level. I really want to make this money. I really want to qualify for that car and that holiday.

They could not care less what you want. I know you might think, “Well that sucks. That's not nice. My team should care what I want to achieve right?” Well, when you have your own planet, you can rearrange it, but on this planet, that's how it is. But if you go to each person in your team and go, what is it that you want? Can I help you to get there? What is it that you want, can I help you to get there? You will achieve tremendous things, you know what I mean? So again, just to reiterate, don't try to make people like you. Instead, try to make them the best versions of themselves and you will do tremendously well in your business.

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