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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, January 25, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today I'm going to talk about hunger and why it's important in business. I'm not talking about physical hunger for food. I'm talking about hunger for bigger things. Why is hunger important? Well, you see, I can teach you how to create success but I can't teach you how to want to create success. So it's possible to teach somebody to create success but it's almost impossible to teach them to want to create success. So that's why when you're working with your team, and you have to really look who is hungry and not who is needy. You see, very often the problem is that the tendency that you as a leader have, the tendency is to help people who need more money, who need to create success in life, who needs a breakthrough, but the problem is that these are not the right people to work with, just because somebody needs more money, or they need to create success, it doesn't really mean that they are prepared to do the work, it doesn't mean that they have the right mind set to create success. So you can be spending all of your time with people who need to create success, and you'll find yourself spinning wheels and not getting much result.

Instead, what you need to do is go through your team and look who might be hungrier than the people who brought them in. So very often people who are hungry, you won't find them right away, very often I mean, sometimes you will find them right away, but sometimes you'll invite somebody who's not very hungry, but they invite somebody and then that person is not very hungry but they invite somebody and somewhere 5, 6, 7 or 8 lines down you hit gold, you find the person who is really hungry for a better life, they're ready, they prepare to put in the work, they prepare to put in the time and that's the person or persons that you want to spend the most of your time with, because these are the people who will do whatever it takes. These are the people who put the time in. These are the people who put the effort in because they are hungry, because they've got that fire in their belly, because they have that sparkle in the eye and they’re ready to do whatever it takes to crush it to get to those results, as opposed to people who need to become successful or need more money, but they've been needing more money for all of their life. They've been needing more money for the last 10, 15, 20 years, but they're not doing anything to get more money, they just need and they just think that if I just sit on my bum long enough, maybe it will appear, maybe it will somehow dramatically come into my life. The reality is, it doesn't work like that. So always look for your team and try to speak to everybody, all the new people who are joining and see who is hungry and trust me, you know when the person is hungry, when you speak to them, they'll be ready to come and meet you, they will want to learn more, they’ll want to get more information, they will be asking you the right questions, as opposed to people who you call and go, “Yeah, maybe I'll do it, maybe not.”

People who you can see there's no motivation. You can see there's no fire. So you want to dig through your team and find the people who are hungry and then focus as much of your effort in helping them to crush those results because you'll be more fulfilling for you to work with people like that because they'll appreciate your help, they’ll do what you tell them to do, they will act and they will attend the trainings, they'll do the actions that they learn, instead of just being information junkie, taking loads of notes and not actually doing anything. So always look for people who are hungry and people who are not hungry, the best thing you can do with them is get them to events, get them to attend the national conference, get them to attend the training events, get them to attend a generic training, events and conventions, because for some people, they will catch fire later. So they might come in your business as needy and not very hungry, but when you expose them to events, and when they see other people succeeding, when they see other people reaching results, when they see other people collecting their cheques and getting the cars and so on, then they'll get inspired and they will catch fire afterwards and they will start crushing it and they'll become hungry, etc. 

So if you have people who are not really hungry in your business, one of the best things you can do with them is get them to event say, “Hey, you know, events are life changing. Just attend this one. Just see how it goes. If you don't find value, you can stop going to those events, but trust me, if you get them to one of those big events, you'll make that much difference.” 

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