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I want to talk about fake working. So the title of this blog is are you fake working? So what on earth is fake working?

Well, in network marketing in home based business, it is so easy to look busy. I got up and got dressed. That's just like working. I sat behind some desk. That's just like working. I got in a car and I drove somewhere. That's just like working. So there's so many people in network marketing who have been for a long time in network marketing and they're not making money, they're not succeeding, they're not getting results and they're wondering, why is the business not working? I like the good old Fraser Brooke says, he says, “Network marketing works 100% of the time for 100% of people who work.” It only doesn't work for people who don't work.

So it is so easy to be fake working in network marketing by just being busy. Well, I've been on Facebook liking other people's posts for two hours. That's working, isn't it? I've watched personal development videos all day long. That's working. Is it? Because the way I look at it, it isn't. It's helpful, building relationships with other people on social media. It's helpful. Watching videos is helpful, having a chat with somebody over the phone is helpful, but if you spend an hour and a half, talking to somebody on the phone, that's counterproductive. That is not the best use of your time because it's so easy just to be chatting away, but what's the IPA income producing activity in network marketing?

Well, that's talking to people. I use the term talking loosely because you can actually go out there and talk to people, meet people for cups of coffee and show them the business, but you can also be talking to people by messaging people, by voice noting people, by zoom calling people, by texting people. So but the idea is to be reaching out to people who can say yes and buy your product, or who can say yes and join your business. That's the only time when you actually working, or you're doing a three way call for your team member, that's also counts towards that because you’re actually helping your team member to recruit somebody into the business, who will eventually bring you money too. But that's the true working.

So you have to be honest with yourself, you don't have to be honest with me, but you have to be honest with yourself and sit down and think, how much of your day percentage wise are you actually working? So if we took 100% of the time that you put in your business, rather you allocate building your home based business, building your network marketing business, if we took that, the 100% of it. What proportion of it is you actually talking to somebody? You actually messaging somebody, “Hey Fiona, hope you're well, I can see you living in blah, blah, blah, and I'm looking to build my business and blah, blah, blah, I work from home on my phone making money. Just curious, not sure if this is a fit for you or not, but just curious, would you take a look at it? And if not totally cool, just thought I would ask.”

How much of your time is spent doing that either messaging people on Facebook, on Instagram, on Snapchat, on Twitter, on LinkedIn, text messaging people, calling people, inviting people to meet for a cup of coffee if you actually know them. Proportion wise, how much of your day spend doing that? That's true working. So you have to be honest with yourself and see if you are fake working because, hey, I did that before.

I used to fake work all the time, like one of my mentors in network marketing said, “Just because you don't have a full time job doesn't mean you're full time in network marketing. You might be just unemployed, that's all you are, you're not a full time network marketer because for you to qualify as a full time network marketer, you should be working for about eight to 10 hours a day at least.” That would be full time network and working I already explained what it means to be working.

That means you're on the phone, you're texting, by the end of the day, your fingers should be hurting from texting, your ear should be hurting from being on the phone, you should be charging your phone like three times a day if you were truly working all day long your business. But if you're fake working, then you going making cups of tea, you're flipping through the catalog, you seeing what's new on Facebook, you’re liking other people's posts.

You have to be honest with yourself. And when you're helping your team members as well, first thing when somebody says to me, “I'm not getting results.” I'm saying, “Great. Let's talk numbers. Tell me how many people have you reached out to today? How many people have you reached out to yesterday? How many of those you reached out to yesterday have you followed up today and things like that?” And when the fluff gets away, when we’re just talking about the numbers, very soon, it becomes very clear why that person is not getting results.

Because when they look at the numbers and they go, “Well, I’ve sent five messages yesterday.” If you sent five messages, no wonder you’re not making money if you're doing this full time. So you have to be honest with yourself about how much of actual work you do every day. And if you can start increasing that I'm not saying, “Hey, you did half an hour yesterday, do eight hours tomorrow.” You won’t probably; most likely you won’t, but start increasing that number.

Start increasing how many messages you send and use your time productively. If you're on a train, if you're in the Tesco queue, if you're in doctor's waiting room, if you're on the toilet, your phone should be in your hands and you should be messaging people, contacting people, etcetera because that's the working. There you go Fiona, more like 500 messages in a day. That's working because out of 500 messages, you can be rubbish at network marketing. If you send 500 messages a day, you're going to recruit some people. I tell you that and Fiona, she's recruiting, her team is growing. Why? Surprise, surprise, because she's doing the freaking work. That's what it is all about.

So if you do that consistently every day, you cannot not grow your business, like it is impossible for you to fail if you're putting in that work, but if you sending 10 messages a day and you're a full-time network marketer, then what the hell is going on because that means you're not really using your full potential, you're not really doing as much as you could for your business. So what's the reason? Do you not believe in your business? So think about what is stopping you from doing the work. Are you not hungry? You don't want to build a big business. You don't want to make a lot of money.

Of course, best ideas come in a toilet or in the shower, that just like the best thinking place in the world. I saw this picture on Facebook, where it showed a person in the toilet equals to five minutes, a person, the toilet and the mobile phone equals to one hour. A person a toilet or mobile phone and a charger equals to infinity. So just be honest with yourself and start raising that bar, start raising the amount of contacts you making, start raising amount of coffee meetings you're having, start raising the amount of phone conversations you're having, start raising amount of follow up calls you're doing because again, if you're not recruiting, if you're not selling, if your team is not growing and you are contacting a lot of people, then my guess is you're dropping the ball at follow up because you're just sending out those messages, you're just sending out those videos, but you're not reaching back to those people to follow up with them and say, “Hey, did you watch the video? Hey, what did you like the best? Hey, sounds like you're ready to join.” So you're not following through.

Be sure you don't need to write down every person you send a message to, but you should be writing down every person who you sent the video to, so that you could follow up with them. So that's my tip for you.

Back to the question, the Nicholas, so what are you supposed to be messaging people? Well, my favourite is ask if they open and give them an out. So just say, “Hey, Nicola, I can see you're a stay at home mom and I work with a lot of stay at home moms helping them make money from home using their phone. Now I'm not sure if that's a fit for you or not, but I'm just curious, would you be open to take a look at a short video about my business? And if not totally cool, I thought I would just message you.” That's what you message. So first, you message all of your friends that you already have.

So you message your friends and go, “Hey, Fiona, I don't know if you've seen but I started this home based business where I work from my phone, making money from home, not sure if that's a fit for you or not. But just curious, would you be open to take a look at a short video? And if no, totally cool.” So you ask all of your friends first of all. Once you've asked every single person on your friends list, then you start adding friends, start adding five, 10, 15, 20 new friends a day, and people who accept you, you start conversations with them and again, you go, “Hey, thanks for adding me. Not sure if you saw, I work from home, blah, blah, blah. Would you be open to take a look?” That's what you do.

You just basically ask people if they would be open to take a look at what you do. That's the money in the message. Now of course also, you might be doing some curiosity posts on your Facebook, so if you put a post on your Facebook about your product, let's say your product helps with migraines and you put a question, “Hey, is anyone suffering with migraine?” And people start commenting, “Yeah, I suffer from migraine.” Then you private message that person and tell them about the product that you have. So that's also money in the messenger. You don't just blast your Facebook with the product picture and the price, instead you create a curiosity post and once people respond to that, you message that person.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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