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I want to talk about being resourceful. So I love how Tony Robbins says that there is no lack of resources is just lack of resourcefulness. So what does it mean? What's the difference?

Well, there's a big difference, because a lot of people, they think that there is a lack of resources. So they think there's not enough money in the world, there's not enough people, there are not enough prospects, there are not enough customers, there's not enough business, and so on and so on. So people have this mentality of lack, that there is not enough of everything that it's scarce, that it’s hard to become successful, that is difficult to achieve your results, etcetera. Which, to be honest, is not true.

The only thing that those people are lacking is the resourcefulness. So being able to find the solutions, being able to find the money, being able to find the people, and so on. So it’s really vital for you if you want to become successful, if you want to grow a huge business is for you to become more resourceful. What does that mean? It means that you need to start being more coachable, maybe even more proactive in learning things yourself.

So not just waiting for somebody to come and give you the answer and give you the solution, but actually be willing to look for the answer. Be willing to look for that solution? Where is it? How can I find it? You know, like, I'm not a great at DIY, I'm not a very handy person; I prefer somebody else do it for me, right? But guess what? The world now, it's so amazing that it just boggles my mind. Like if I want to learn how to paint the ceiling, I can just go on YouTube go how to paint the ceiling. And there's going to be gazillion videos about how to paint a ceiling. If I want to wallpaper my walls, I'll just go and put to how to hang wallpaper and there's going to be a million videos on that.

All I need to be is just be resourceful is not to say, “Oh, I don't know how, the world is horrible. It's so hard.” I just need to go and find out how can I do that thing. But guess what? It applies to any area of your life. You want to become more confident, stop complaining and crying about how you're not confident instead, go into Google and go “How to become confident,” and you'll find a million resources there for you to become more confident, you want to become a better recruiter, go on Google and put How can I recruit more people, and you'll find a million blog articles, 10 million videos. It's not about the lack of information. It's not about that it's not out there and it's not about it is so hard.

It's about being willing to look for that information. It's about being willing to use what is out there already. You know what I mean? So that's the difference between the resources that are available and being resourceful person. So many people, they're not resourceful. They're just so rigid in their way of thinking. So if it's not given to them on a plate, if it's not, like, exactly word for word, what do you need to say? That's it, they can't use it. They can't take it. They can't learn from it, you know, because it wasn't chopped up and given to them.

If you want to read grow a massive business, my one of the great advice that I would give you is become a resourceful person, instead of just going, “Oh, that's it, I'm stuck.” Go, how can I find the answer? How can I find the person who can solve this problem? How can I find the resources that are necessary? And you will always find it, especially nowadays. 50 years ago? Oh, my Gosh, you might have had to go to library, pull out the Encyclopedia Britannica. You know, and do all of those difficult things right? Now, all you need to do is pull out your phone, go Google and ask anything, and you'll get an answer. It's not that hard anymore. It's easy now. It's so easy. It's unbelievable.

I was listening to this training few days ago and this guy said they used to run like a, personal development TV channel in the 80s and the 90s, and they used to have to hire the satellite to broadcast live worldwide, their personal development message, and it would cost them $250,000 per month to hire the satellite. Can you imagine that? Now, I can take out my phone, go live. That's it. And it doesn't cost me anything. But 20 years ago, it would have cost me 250,000 pounds to do what I'm doing right now, understand what I'm saying. So the world has become so easy, but I think the easier that the world becomes the lazier people get. So even though it's given on the plane, even though it's so easy to use all the information and to find all the answers, people are just sitting twiddling their thumbs and complaining how bad life is, so don't be one of those people become a resourceful person.

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