Are you a RHINO or a COW?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Saturday, March 2, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today the question is, are you a rhino or are you a cow? We're going to talk about rhinos and cows. Rhino is one of my favourite animals that’s why I have it in my living room. The question is, are you a rhino or are you a cow? What’s the difference?

First of all cows, they like to be safe on the pasture. So they just like to be safe with all the other cows just eating the grass, within their comfort zone, etc. And that's all they’re ever going to be, they just going to be cows on the pasture unless they go into slaughterhouse, that's what some of them will end up like in a slaughterhouse. Cows will always stay in the pasture and that's what they will end up. Rhinos on the other hand, they go into the jungle, they go through the jungle and the jungle is very testing, it's very challenging. There are a lot of obstacles, there are a lot of problems, and there are a lot of difficulties there. But once they get through the jungle, they can be in the land of the dreams; they can achieve whatever they want to achieve. So first thing the difference between rhinos and cows is that rhinos, they will chase their dreams whilst cows, they'll just stay on a pasture and they will give up on their dreams, they will give up on their ambitions, they will give up on everything, just for the sake of safety, just for the sake of being within their comfort zone. So that's one.

Number two rhinos have a very thick skin which means they’re not afraid of criticism. They're not afraid of being laughed at. They’re not afraid of having haters. They not afraid of all of the challenges that cows are afraid of, because cows, they don't have a thick skin. As soon as you say, “Boo!” to a cow, it runs away, it hides, it stops doing whatever it’s doing, and it gives up on their dreams. But a rhino, no chance. They have a thick skin, you can throw something at them. You can try to stab them. You can try to do different things. The Rhino doesn't care. The thick skin is protecting them. So if you're a rhino, no criticism can stop you, no somebody's laughing at you can stop you, no somebody ridiculing you can stop you. Very, very important.

And the final quality of a rhino that I really like is when a rhino makes a decision to charge, there is no abort. There is no stopping. There is no changing it’s mind. Once the rhino has made a decision to charge, it will not change its mind until it's gone through the target whether it's your car, whether it's a wall, whether it's a lion, or whatever it is, rhino will charge through it. It will not abort, it will not change its mind, and it will not go, “Oh, what if that happens?” It will not. Once it’s made a decision to charge it will go. Cows don't do that. Cows say, “Oh I made a decision New Year's resolution.” And by the fifth of January, they already gave up. They already stopped after three days of doing something they go “Oh, it doesn't work is too difficult.” But rhinos don't do that. They keep going until they get the results, until they reach the destination, until they achieved what they wanted to achieve. That's a rhino spirit.

My wish for you guys is that you make a decision to be a rhino and stop being a cow in your life. Now it's okay if you've been a cow last year. I understand it. I was a cow too but you have to make a decision to stop and to become a rhino instead. I promise you, life is going to be very different when you make that decision. So make a decision to grow a thick skin, make a decision to go in the jungle for all the obstacles and challenges because the land of your dreams is on the other side of those challenges and make a decision that once you’ve made a decision, not to abort, not to stop.

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