Are you a PLAYER or a FAN?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, January 10, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to ask you a question. Are you a player or a fan? Now I'm going to explain it in just a moment. So the player and the fan. What's the difference?

Well, very recently, as I was driving, I always listen to podcasts as I'm driving and I was listening to an interview done with Les Brown. Now, if you don't know who Les Brown is, if you've been living under the rock for the last I don't know how many years, then just Google the guy. He's amazing. He's just like something else. So it was an interview with Les Brown and he was telling this story and the interviewer asked him about a football game. And he said, “I haven't watched a football game for about 30 years, at least not the whole game.” And the guy who was interviewing him said, “Well, how come?”

And he goes, “Very good question. Let me explain to you.” And Les Brown goes on to tell him that many, many years ago, like 30 years ago when he was broke, when he didn't have much money, when really he wasn't in a great place, he called his friend on a Sunday afternoon and his friend was wealthy, living in a mansion, with nice car and everything and he calls his friend and he goes, “Hey, do you want to go and hang out and watch this game.”

And the guy goes, “I haven't got time for that, I'm building my business. I'm building my dream lifestyle. I'm building my dreams.” And this guy lives in a mansion, drives a dream car and he's not taking his Saturday or Sunday off to watch the game because he's chasing his dream. And Les Brown sits there thinking, “Oh my gosh, and I'm living in this dump, I'm struggling financially, I don't even have a car and this guy is not watching game, but I have time to watch it.”

So usually, the poor people have the most time because they spending it on the wrong thing. So there and then, Les Brown made a decision not to watch another football game until he became successful. So instead of spending that time watching TV, being a fan, he decided to be a player because if you think about it, there's very few players, but there's a lot of fans.

Same like in the football game, you have so many players on the field, but how many thousands of fans, but who's making the money in that game? The players, not the fans. So same in the in the game of life if you think about it, most people are observers. They don't participate. They don't take the risk. They don't take the chance. They just watch things happen. They watch the Zuckerberg become a millionaire and billionaire; they watch the Bill Gates become rich. They watch Richard Branson become rich. They watch all of these people, the Oprah, the Larry king, the whatever, all of these people around them getting rich, and they're cheering on, “Well done, amazing. Wow.” But they're just fans. They're not players. They're not taking the initiative. They're not taking action themselves.

What I want to do today is a little bit bring it to your attention, so that you start thinking about it. Because sometimes we do these things without even thinking about, we watch the game of thrones and then, “Oh, it is so amazing.” But we are the fans, the creators are making the money. We are just contributing to their wealth, right? We watch the football games or the basketball games, we watch the sports, we watch the singers, we watch the actors, but they are the players and we are the fans.

Isn't a time that you became a player, that other people would start watching you create your success story, that other people start cheering you when you make your millions, that other people will start cheering you when you achieve your life's ambitions and your dreams and your goals and your desires. But for that, you have to switch, you have to stop being just an observer just a fan and you need to make a decision to become a player to take action.

Very often that will require you to go out of your comfort zone, for you to take some risk, for you to risk being ridiculed, being laughed at, being frowned upon. You know what I mean? But that's what it takes to become a player.

So my wish for you is that you do decide to become a player and stop just being a fan and start building your dream. Start building your ambitions so that other people can cheer you on instead of you cheering some superstars out there. 
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