Are you a PACE SETTER?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, March 26, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about becoming a pace setter. And what is a pace setter?

They say the speed of the pack is the speed of the leader. So when it comes to leadership in your network marketing business, a lot of it is about setting the pace for your business. A lot of it is about showing an example. Very few leaders are the people who are sitting at the back watching everybody else doing the work.

Most leaders who have built successful businesses in network marketing, who have built a huge teams, guess what they do? They lead from the front. They are the ones recruiting the most. They're the ones selling the most, they're the ones doing the most trainings, the most presentations, the most meetings, they're the ones that are setting the pace for the business. Because very rarely, your team members will do more than you do.

Usually your team members will do a fraction of what you do. So if you don't do much, guess what your team members will do? Nothing. So you by setting the pace means that you’re showing your team members what is an acceptable level of activity, you’re showing your team members what is expected. And then some will do what you do. Others won’t because again, we know that not everybody joins the business for the same reasons. And not everybody's as hungry.

But you as a leader, you always need to be setting the pace and showing your team what is required to be done in the business. And that means one, doing the work, doing the recruiting, doing the selling, doing the videos, doing the presentations, doing the meetings, all of that, but then also showing it to your team because there's a lot of you who are the network marketing secret agents, you're doing the work, but you're not showing it to anybody. Your team doesn't even know that you did three meetings today. Your team doesn't even know that you had five group calls today, because you're not publishing it.

It doesn't have to be on your main social media, although it can, but at least in your team group, you should be showing your team that, “Hey, guys, this is how many meetings I've done today. Hey, guys, this is how many messages I sent out today. Hey, guys, this is how many presentations I did today.” So your team sees that oh my gosh, this is what my leader is doing. If I want to results like my leader, then I need to do that too. That's called setting the pace for your organization. So that's what I recommend you to do.

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