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I want to talk about being busy and why is that important in your network marketing business.

So, when you're prospecting somebody, when do they want to get the information? They want to get the information right away. So if you prospect somebody on the bus stop, on the airplane, or at work, or whatever, they will go, “Well, tell me more then, give me all the info. I'm curious. Tell me.” But that's the last thing you want to do because as you know, first you shouldn't be presenting yourself anyway. You shouldn't be doing the business presentation.

Instead, you should be giving them a tool. So you want to prospect people but you don't want to give them too much information. How do you do that? And one way of doing that is by being busy. So what happens is when you're busy, people ask you less questions. And you can even do what Ray Higdon calls BIC or BIC, it stands for Break In Communication.

So because you know, if you're going to ask somebody, “Hey, would you be open to earning extra income?” What are they going to say? “Yeah, how? Tell me more.” Because you know that in advance, you can in build a break in communication, which will stop them from asking you that question. So how would it sound? Well, let's say I'm at the restaurant and I've just finished my meal and a waiter has been really amazing. She really served us well. She really looked after us. And I want to invite her to the business but I don't want her to go, “Hey, tell me more about it.” So, what will I do?

Well, when the time comes for me to leave, and the waiter comes up and maybe brings me the change or brings me the cheque or wherever I go, “Hey, I'm about to jump on a conference call so I can't talk very long. However, you've been awesome etcetera and I would love to invite you to take a look at my business.” Now the chances are she's still going to go, “Well, what is it?” And I go, “Hey, like I said, I really got this conference call that I have to jump in literally just a minute, but can I send you some info to your WhatsApp? Can I send you a video to Facebook?” And now, how could I have known that you will ask what is it? I couldn't have?

That's why because I said I'm going to jump on a conference call that that's just an accident isn't it? Yeah, right. But because I know she's going to ask I said that. So it's really powerful, because then, he said he's got a conference call to jump, yeah, he said, he's got somebody waiting. Oh, yeah, he said he’s about to go in a meeting. So yeah, let me ask this. So this works face to face but it also works on a phone. You can call somebody and you're on the phone, it's even better when you’re showing you're busy, because it does two things.

One thing is that everybody's busy as well. And you know that. So when you calling somebody nowadays, especially, they look at your name on the phone, they go, “Oh my God, I don't have time to speak.” So when they answer the phone, and you go, “Hey, Stella, I'm super busy, I only got a few minutes to talk,” guess what they thinking? Thank God because I'm super busy too get over with it, right? So they're happy that you say you're super busy. But then also, that prevents them from asking a million questions. So then when you go, “Hey, I just found this amazing opportunity where you and I could possibly make some extra income.

Now, I don't know if this is for you or not. But I'm just curious, would you be open if I send you some information?” They're not going to go, “Well tell me more about it.” Because you just told them that you're super busy. You only got a few minutes to talk and you're about to jump somewhere else. You know what I mean? So it prevents all the questions and objections and all the other stuff that you don't want to go over before they seen the video? Now, once they've seen the presentation, then yes, answer all the questions, because that shows they’re already interested in the business. But before they’ve even seen the presentation and they’re asking how much does it cost to join?

What difference does it make how much it costs to join? Maybe you're not going to even like the presentation. So watch the video first. You know what I mean? So really, really empowers you when you are busy. So whenever you talking to a person or another team member, don't apply the same thing to your team members that every time your team member calls you go, “Hey, I'm super busy what do you want?” You don't want to do that to your team. But to the prospects, you always need to come up as busy. Think about let's say you wanted to take your child for piano lessons and you hear that this is great teacher and you call the teacher and the teacher goes well, the next available slots I have is in like, four weeks. You go, yes, please. Yes, please.

Why? Because she's so busy. But what if you call this piano teacher and they go, “Oh, yeah, anytime just drop in, like I'm totally free all day long all day, every day.” What does that tell you? They're probably not that good because nobody's using them. You know what I mean? Like restaurants. People do that subconsciously, they don't even know. When they walk in through the high street to choose which restaurant to go to? Did you know that most people will go into a restaurant, which has more people in it? Why do they do that subconsciously, because they know it's going to be better that's why all the people are going to dine on not the empty one.

Now logically, you think well, the empty one is better because it's quicker service, you know, you'll go there. There's no queue and everything right? But it just doesn't work like that. So same way you in your business, if you’re like open all the time yeah, got all the time in the world. Right then the person thinks well, they’re not that busy that means nobody's joining the business. But if you go, “Hey, you know, I'm super busy.” You know, even if like you speak to a prospect, and you go, so when can we talk? And the prospect goes, “Well, maybe tomorrow at five,” go, “Yeah, no problem. Can we do 5:15 because I've got five appointments before yours?” It just makes you busy. It just makes you look busy and when you're busy people then desire, whatever you've got to show.

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