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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about acting before you're ready.

When it comes to you achieving any level of success, when it comes to you building a great business, when it comes to you making big income, it will require you to make a lot of decisions, and to take a lot of action and more often than not, you will not be ready for it. I can promise you that. Like almost everything that I've ever done that really shifted the needle, that really pushed my business forward, most of the time, I was not ready for those things.

Most of the time, I was scared shitless, but what can you do? If you see an opportunity and you don't act on it, it’s like committing a business suicide. It's like shooting yourself in the leg literally because whatever you believe, whether you believe in God, in higher power, in universe, in infinite intelligence or whatever it is, or you believe in law of attraction. You're attracting, you’re contemplating, you’re praying, you’re asking for the universe to send you opportunities, to send you better life, to send you more money, to send you the breakthrough, and then the universe goes, “Okay, okay, you've asked enough, here, take it, have this opportunity.” And then you go, “No, I'm not going to take it.”

What do you think the universe will do from then on? The next time you ask, you’ll say, “Oh, one more?” They'll go, “No, you don't. We gave you an opportunity, we gave you a chance and you didn't take it. You didn't use it, because you came up with an excuse that you're not ready for it, or because you're a bit scared because it's a little bit out of your comfort zone.” Give it a break.

Whoever succeeded in anything, they did it before they were ready. And in my personal experience, it happens to me all the time, all the time when I want to get to the next level, I want to get the next breakthrough, I want to get the next thing done and opportunities appear most often, I'm like, “Oh, I'm a bit scared of that.” But I don't let it stop me. Instead, I jump on it. I say, “Yes, yes, let's do it.” So even today was one of those things. I'm in Lithuania. We're going to run an event for about 100 people, a training event in my hometown Kaunas, and somebody reaches out to me today and says, “Hey, I saw you’re in Lithuania. Why don't you come on our program on tomorrow evening, so that you can talk more about network marketing and tell our audience more about this kind of business model?

Now this show, it usually gets like 5000 views, 6000 views, 7000 views, big numbers, a lot of people, and hey, a lot of people, that's not my audience. My tribe, my people.” I’m like, “Oh, yeah, any day of the week. I can go live and talk to you guys and train you because most of you love me.” So I'm in safe hands and nobody hates me. Nobody says, “Oh, this scam artist. This guy's like con, this guy, whatever.”

That audience, that’s not my audience. There might be a lot of people who hate the guts of me for just even bringing up network marketing. But guess what, I had two choices, first thought in my mind was, maybe tell them next time, maybe tell them you're too busy, you've got a lot of things planned, no time for that. But straight after that, the next thought is, hey, this is the universe giving you an opportunity. Say yes. God damn it. I said, “Hey, when? How can we do this thing?” And they go, “Can we do tomorrow evening or we do it on Thursday?” And I say, “Yes, yes, I'll come, we'll do it.”

Why? Because it's an opportunity. Am I ready for it? No I’m not. Do I know what they're going to ask me? No I don’t. This could go so many ways sideways. This could go wrong in so many different ways that you can't even imagine. But guess what, if I don't take it, if I chicken out of it, that's an opportunity I didn't use, that said opportunity I didn't take and what if I go on that show and it goes the wrong way. And it goes the worst kind of scenario. They give me the hard questions.

I get loads of people hating on me on that live, but what if one person on that live the watches that live, I change the mindset about network marketing? What if I affect one person who goes, “You know what, this network marketing thing is not as bad as I thought, I will give it a go.” My mission will be done, my mission will be accomplished, because I would have changed one life, I would have changed one mindset by taking this opportunity.

The title of this blog post was act before you're ready. Now, you could take that title actually in two ways. That's why I love English language. Because there's so many meanings. You could say it's act, meaning take action before you're ready, and you would be right. But the second meeting you could take is act as in pretend before you're ready. Sometimes, you can act your way in pretending that you're all confident, you’re all ready, you’re all totally cosy and you can get away with it. Because guess what? The only person that knows that you're not ready, is you.

You're the only person who knows that you're not ready. Everybody else will know what you tell them. So if you tell them, “Hey, man, I'm totally awesome and ready and rock and roll with this.” They’ll go, “Oh, she's ready.” But if you go, “Oh, no I’m scared, I’m not ready.” Then they’ll go, “Oh, they’re not ready.” Whatever you tell it is. Tell the way you want it to be, instead of telling the way you don't want it to be because a lot of people that I meet, they go, “Oh, I'm not smart enough. Oh, I’m not successful enough. Oh, I'm not brave enough.” They’re telling all the things they don't want to be. And by saying it, you're making it be.

Start saying things in the way the way you want it to be instead of keep being grabbing hold of all of your limitations, grabbing hold of all the problems that are stopping you. Let them go. Like a lot of you are looking for what's wrong with you like there is a reward for it. You're looking for what's wrong with you like there's a price for it. Big news, there's no prize for it. The prize is that you get your stay and keep your problems. That's the prize you get for looking for the things that are wrong with you. Forget about it and start focusing on what did you want it to be? And go, “Hey, I'm ready. Hey, I've been waiting for this opportunity. Yes, let's rock and roll. Let's do this.”

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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