A true TEST of Leadership

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I want to talk about leadership. So what is a true test of leadership?

Well, the true test of leadership is how a leader performing in crisis. You see when everything is fine when everything goes smoothly when the company is running, no problem and there's plenty of products when this team is all happy and working and everything. Then there is no such big need for leadership, per se really. You see, a true test of a leader is when things don't go right, when things don't go as smooth, right? Like they say the smooth seas don't make good sailors because it's in the rough sea. It's in the rough weather that the true good sailors appear; people who can manage the situation in a crisis.

Well, the same thing in business, very often the leader’s job is a policeman and a fireman or a fire fighter, right? Because a leader sometimes has to manage conflicts, manage issues and problems and very often, a leader has to react to some crisis, to some urgent situation, fire fighting, right? So that's where the real leadership appears because if somebody is not a great leader, if somebody is not a strong leader, when the crisis happens, or when the challenge appears, guess what the leader does?

The bad leader runs away. They don't deal with the problem, actually, they throw in the towel and they give up when the first challenge appears, but a true leader is a person who is like the rock. When something bad happens, everybody know that they can rely on that person, they know they can count on that person to show the direction, to lead forward, to show the vision beyond the challenges.

I remember hearing about one big, big leader story. He's one of the greatest leaders in the network marketing industry and his company was going through some really, really tough times so badly that there was newspaper articles, news reports about his company, that it's being sued and all of that and people started jumping out of that company like there's no tomorrow like everybody started running away from that company, people started leaving to other businesses and it got so bad that the company owners came to this leader and said, “Look, we know you’re at this position and everything. But because of what's happening for the next three or four months or whatever, we won't be able to pay you.

Like if you decide to leave, we totally understand. But if you decide to stay for the next couple of months, we can't even pay you. How many leaders would say, “Yeah, that's fine; I'll still stay without payment.” And everybody's leaving. Most people would panic and run away. That leader didn't choose to do that. He decided to stay with the company, stay true to the business, see the challenges through and come out the other end. And he did; he stayed with the company did came out the other end they did have to rebuild, rebrand, etc. Today, that leader has made over 100 million dollars in network marketing industry. Was it worth staying? Was it worth being patient? Was it worth anchoring down and keeping true with the company? Absolutely 100%.

But for every one person that stays true stays the course, there's another hundred who runs like rats from a sinking boat, you know what I mean? So that's where the true leadership appears. And if you are aspiring to be a great leader in a business or you think you are a great leader, ask yourself, what do I do when the challenging times come? What do I do when the S hits the fan? Do I keep going do I stay calm and stable? Or do I run around like a headless chicken? A true leader, that's when they show up in crisis, in difficulty, and they help other people to make it through.

Now if you are a person who you know that oh my Gosh, I'm not that type of leader. Then work on your leadership; get some leadership books, watch some videos about leadership, read some autobiographies of great leaders in history and think, what can I learn from those people? How could I become a better leader? One of the greatest things you can do is become flexible in the way you learn. What I mean by that is, yeah, you might be building a network marketing business, but you don't just have to read about network marketing leaders. There might be other businesses or other industries, where there has been a great leader and you might read about Steve Jobs.

You've read about Richard Branson, you might read about this person and that person and this president and this king and gather from them. What can I learn from them to become a better leader in my business, to become a better leader for my team? That's what it's sometimes requires. It's like you have to learn how to be flexible in the way you learn. It doesn't always going to be given just for your business just for your product, just everything on the plate, right? Sometimes you have to adapt and go okay, these guys are in a completely different business but this is what that leader does. How can I adopt that in my business, in my leadership, you know what I mean? And sometimes you'll find that those things that you apply from somewhere else in your business might be the biggest breakthroughs ever.

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