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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about a time machine for your business. Would you like to have a time machine in your business? What is he talking about a time machine for your business?

Guess what you actually have access to almost the time machine for your business. A time machine for your business is events. Event is like a time machine for your business. You might go, “Well how is event a time machine for my business?” Well think about it. When you go to event, you get to meet people who are six months ahead of you in business, who are one year ahead of you in business, who are five years ahead of you, 10 years ahead of you, when you’re in the event, event might be half a day event or a full day event or maybe a two day event or maybe a three day event, but you go to an event like that and maybe it's a company event, it's for your company or maybe it's like a generic training event, like the GoPro or success summit or whatever.

And within the space, very short space of a half a day or a day or two days or three days, you grow so much, you learn so much that you grow like a year, you grow like five years, but it's only been a day, but you've gained amount of information because the speakers at the event shares their experience from 10 years building the business, 20 years building the business, 30 years building the business. The amount of information that you receive, the amount of skills and shortcuts and all sorts of tips and stuff like that you receive in that space of a day or two days is like a time machine.

Literally you just saved years of trial and error, years of making mistakes, years of trying to figure out how to do it. You just got it all compressed in that short space of time and you can now go and start applying that. You just grown in that day or two event, you just grew like 10 years. That's a timeline for your business. That's a time machine for your business. You just transported yourself, you just saved yourself 10 years of wasting your time on nonsense, of wasting your time doing the wrong things, because you went to the event. Events are like a time machine for your business.

And also, the big events make the big decisions. So again, if you recruit somebody, you might be nurturing that person and motivating them and helping them and everything and like holding them. And it may take a long time for this person to make a big decision to go, “You know what, I want to go crush it in this business. I want to go all in, I go for that.” But you take this person to an event, boom, in that one day or two day event, they will make big decisions because they'll see people doing big things in the business.

Again, it helps you to jump ahead in your business. It helps you to fast forward your business. The more of your people you can get to an event, it can push the whole of your business forward like six months or a year in advance. That’s a time machine guys. When I see people who don't come to events, who don't use events, I'm just like, “Oh my god, you're not getting it.” You're missing so much, because sometimes people focus on the little things like, “Oh yeah, but it's far to travel and the hotels are expensive.”

You’re not getting it. It's like saving you years, would it be worth to spend 500 pounds on a plane ticket to Las Vegas, and another 500 pounds on a hotel, and maybe another 500 pounds for the event if you could save 10 years of making errors. If you could speed up your success, and instead of you making 10,000 a month, 10 years from now, you could start making it next year. Would it be worth it? Of course it would. But that's why you need to use the event.

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