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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, September 10, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to share a simple daily method of operation that I learned from my mentor Ray Higdon. And I think a lot of people overcomplicate sometimes their daily method of operation.

If you’re right now, not very active in your business, if you're not really crushing it, then start small, start simply, don't overcomplicate it, don’t make yourself a 55 point daily method of operation if you are just getting started. Sometimes the key is really in the simplicity.

So a simple daily method of operation for your business and I've learned this from my mentor Ray. He device that he shared it with me and I thought wow, this is just so simple, so genius. Whenever I'm speaking to somebody who's brand new in business, and I don't want to make it too complicated, I just show this DMO. Later of course as your business grows, as you start making more money, as you become more committed to your business, your DMO can expand and encompass a lot more things.

But this simple DMO for a new person is just three things. Very simple. First thing on the DMO is to get 20 no’s. That's 20 people who say to you, “No I'm not interested or I took a look at your video. No, it’s not for me.” So it's basically 20 people will say, no, they're not looking for an extra income or your product right now, or your business or product is just not a fit for them.

So why would you go for no instead of trying to get yeses? Well, the challenge is that more people will say no to you then say yes to you. And if you get addicted to getting yes, if you like, “Oh I pray to God I hope somebody will say yes to me.” And if nobody says yes to you, you'll be disappointed. And if you're disappointed day after day after day after day, then it's just a matter of time before you quit. So if you completely changed it, if you put it upside down and instead of aiming to get yeses, you go for no, you set yourself a target to get so many people to say no to you every day, then the no doesn't hurt you anymore.

You desensitize your mind and your body and your emotions from giving a response giving an emotional response to a negative answer. You just become addicted to actually doing the action. So if you ask somebody, “Hey, are you open to take a look at an opportunity to earn extra income from home? No, great, awesome. I've got one. I need 19 more.” So you're not panicking, you're not worrying about when people say no to you, and guess what, some people will still say yes to you. So most of the days you will fail to get your 20 no’s because somebody will say yes, and you'll go and recruit them and help them. But that's a great first step for your DMO.

Second step for your DMO is marketing. So to put some content out on social media, on your blog, on your website, on whatever, so again, maybe at the beginning, start small, start slow, just maybe use your Facebook or use your Instagram and do some posts or maybe a recorded video, if you feel brave, maybe a live video. But bit by bit, you can start posting content that will start attracting people to you. So the idea here is not just to post stuff on your social media for the sake of posting it, but the idea is to do marketing and marketing means putting some content out there that somebody can see and respond back to you saying, “Hey, I saw your post. I saw your article, I saw your picture, I saw your video. I would like to know more about your product or your business.” So that's marketing. So 20 no’s a day, a piece of marketing every day. If you can, do a live video, that's the most effective piece of marketing that you can do right now.

And the third item on the simple DMO is personal development. Invest in yourself every day, grab a book and read a chapter, turn on your computer and watch a couple of videos on YouTube. Buy a video course maybe and watch from home, maybe attended event or whatever. But every day, do some personal development, every day grow yourself, even if it's slightly even if it's very, very minute improvement, but improve yourself every single day. If you do that, these three steps, it's a recipe for success for your network marketing business. You cannot fail in your business, if you will do these three things consistently, day after day after day after day. Now, I can't tell you when exactly you will have your breakthrough and you'll start reaching your goals, but it will come if you stay consistent and if you keep doing these activities.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group
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