A sign of a GOOD network marketing business

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, February 24, 2020 Under: Personal Development

What is the sign of a good network marketing company?

Well, it's very, very easy. A sign of a good network marketing company is to ask yourself a question, would you use this product that the company offers if it wasn't for the network marketing business? Would you use this product if it wasn't for the network marketing business.

So for example, if your company has a product, that you would buy this product anyway, even if there was no business attached to it, even if there was no compensation, if you didn't get any volume, if you would still buy this product for your use, then it's a good network marketing company. But if your company has a product or a program or something that you wouldn't buy if it wasn't for the network marketing business, then that should ring an alarm bell for you. That should cause concern for you.

If you're doing a business with a company that offers a product that you wouldn't buy if it wasn't because of the business, if you wasn't making money with the business by getting other people involved. So there's plenty companies out there who claim to be in network marketing, when an actual reality, it's a money game because the product they offer is very often of very little or no value to the distributor. The only reason why the distributor is doing the business is that they can get other people involved who buy this product, and you make more money from that and then they invite other people to join who buy this product and they make money.

So always ask yourself a question, is the business I'm doing, is the company I'm doing, would I use this product, if it wasn't a network marketing business, if I wasn't making money with this business? And if an answer is like, “Hell no, I would never buy it if it wasn't for the business.” Then that's a red flag. That's a bad business to be involved with. That's a business that probably is not going to last very long because it provides no value. No real value, it's just the money game or is just a basically a pyramid business.

Be very cautious because most often, companies that have that type of a product have no value, these will be the companies that will lure people in with the biggest commissions, with the biggest compensation, with the biggest return on investment. They'll say, “Oh my gosh, if you invite a person and they pay 100 pounds for this product that nobody actually wants, we’ll give you a 90 pounds back.”

Of course, because it has no value, because it's worthless, because nobody would buy it anyway because it's just a money game, but if you're working with a company that actually has a product or a service that you would use even if it wasn't a network marketing business, then you know it's a true company. You know that this company will last and it's going to be a business that stable.

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