A SECRET to developing successful people in Network Marketing

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I want to talk about the secret to developing successful people in network marketing.

I've got a rock star next to me today you see. This lady is dangerous. She’s dangerous. They say you have to recruit people who are better than you. That's the one of the examples of that, like she's in my team, but she knows more than me. I don't tell her that but I just take notes when I watch her doing stuff and I just copy stuff without telling her. Always look for people who are better than you.  Secret to making or developing successful people in network marketing.

You know what's the secret? 90 days, 90 days, that's the secret. When you get somebody in a business and they're ready to quit the business, you just need to keep them for another 90 days. Just say to that person, “Hey look, I know you want to quit. I know you want to stop doing this business, but just give me another 90 days. Just give me until Easter. Come on.

Just give me until summer, just give me until the next thing. Give me another 90 days and if it doesn't work out, you can quit. If it doesn't work out, you can give up.” Somebody actually used it on me to, in 10 years of being in network marketing. Do you think I was just crushing it the whole time? Trust me, no, there were plenty of times when I was ready to quit. There were plenty of times where I was like, “Oh my gosh, I had enough of this. This is it.”

I remember there was one moment when I was ready to pack it in and my mentor said, “Look, just give it another three months. Just give it another three months, and we see what happens.” And I gave it three months, still here 10 years on. Never underestimate the power of 90 days. Now, you might say, “But how do I keep them for another 90 days in business? How do I keep them for another three months in business?” A great strategy is events.

So let's say your company announces that there's going to be a national conference, or there's going to be a convention or there's going to be a training event, get you a team member to buy a ticket to the next conference, guess what that's going to do? Is going to keep the person in the business because they bought the ticket for the next conference, three months from now, six months from now, they can have to stay in the business now for the six months or for the three months, because they have to go to the governance.

It’s a great way of tying people in the business, grounding people in the business is by getting your team members to buy tickets to your national conference or to your convention or to your regional event because once the person bought the ticket, what did they just do? They just committed to stay in the business for that amount of time, they bought the ticket for the damn thing.

Always use the events to hold people in the business. It's really, really useful tool. And if you get people to events, it can absolutely explode your business. My mentor, Eric Wore, he done the calculations and he figured out that each person that you get to the destination event to a big conference of the convention, each person will account for about $1,000 of earnings a year. If you get 10 people to the National Conference, that's a 10,000 earning next year, if you get 50 people to the convention, that's 50,000 in earnings next year, so the more people you get to the big event, the more money you'll be making in your business next year.

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