A natural state is DECAY and CHAOS

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I want to talk about how things are and sometimes it's tough truth. Sometimes it may be not what you want to hear but it's important to talk about it anyway. Yesterday at the training, Eric Worre touched on an interesting subject. He said that the natural state of things is decay and chaos what does that mean?

If you look at nature, for example, and you have a nice garden by design. What does that mean? If you leave the garden to its own devices, you don't work on it, you don't pull the weeds out, you don't look after it, guess what's going to happen very soon, that beautiful garden will turn into chaos, loads of weeds, and everything is over growing, and everything is tangled up and it just doesn't look nice. But that's how the natural order of things are.

What happens is that if we leave things to their own devices, they sort of naturally seem to decay and be chaotic, So when you get when it comes to you building your business and you building a large team, customer base, for you to expect that everything will be smooth, nice, easy, in order it's doesn't make sense to expect that because if in the whole of the nature, everything is chaotic, decaying, pulling apart, then why would in your business, everything just be smooth, in order, it doesn't really work, especially if you leave it to its own devices.

So if you're constantly working on your business, like on that garden, then it will look nice, then it will produce results. And then it will be a good business in order and everything. But if you relax and you leave it alone, if you don't work on your business, if you don't look after your team, if you don't look after your client base, over time, it will decay, people will start getting distracted, people will stop ordering products, people will start going to other companies and things like that.

If you want your business to keep growing, if you want your business to be nice and produce results, you have to constantly work on it, you have to constantly look after it and even if you do, even if you do look after it, and even if you do invest your time and effort into it, sometimes the unexpected things will happen. The world’s walls around Israel .There are a war going all around Israel, but it's so different. Like it looks in places it looks different.

Now the reason for that is because since they have built the wall around Israel in very, very long time ago, that wall has been rebuilt 17 times due to wars and decay and things falling apart and so on. So if they had to rebuild the wall, around Israel 17 times, why would you expect to build your team once and for it to last forever? Why would you expect that not to change? Why would you expect that not to fall apart? It would just be unrealistic, wouldn't it?

So same way how things in nature and in building , fall apart over time, and you know, break down and it has to be rebuilt same in your business, over time, you'll find that some things will fall apart, some things will have to be rebuilt. And you're just going to have to work on that., but that's a natural thing. And if you expect that it's going to be like that, then it's not a shock, then you're not upset by it, you not complaining or whining about it at all another leader has left my team or somebody got distracted and stopped doing the business, you will expect that to happen.

And that's one of those things, where I just have to roll my sleeves up and go back to work. when you are in a good season, a momentum, let's say right now, your business is growing, you getting great results, what you should be thinking and preparing yourself that there will be challenges, difficulties and when those difficulties and challenges comes, then you set yourself up with back to normal, the great period when everything was smooth and just easy that was not natural.

That was just one of those seasons. But when it gets tough, when it gets difficult hot, you can say to yourself, oh, we're back to normal, we're back to the natural state. Now we can roll up our sleeves and go to work. That's where the work starts. But you see, most people don't get that. They think that when it's easy, when it's smooth, when it's successful, and it gets you results. They think that's natural. And when it gets tough, they give up, they quit, and they go to another company because they think that that's bad. But actually, that's how it should be. It should be tough, difficult challenging. And it's okay. Because that's how everything is right from keeping yourself healthy, to having great relationships to, building a nice garden and everything is challenging. Everything requires work and same as your business will require the work too.

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