80%, 15% and 5% in Network Marketing

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, December 26, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today I wanted to talk about 80%, 15% and 5%. So what am I talking about? Actually it took me a while to get this.

Well, in network marketing, there’s three groups of people. So when people are going to be joining your team, when people going to be joining your business, you have to understand that there’s three different groups. 
The first group is 80% and this group 80% of people have a desire level of zero to 500 pounds per month earning. You might be surprised, you might go, “Well, why would somebody joined the business and have a desire level of earning zero pounds per month?” That doesn't make any sense? Why would anybody do that? But what you will find that a lot of people come into network marketing, because they just want to use a good quality product, because they want to be surrounded by these positive people who are goal minded, who have ambitions but they have no desire to earn huge money, to really work hard, to stand on a stage, to travel the world, to drive luxury cars and things like that. They just want to be part of this social club. So that's the first group of people.

The second group of people in network marketing is 15%. And 15% of people in network marketing have a desire level of earning 2000 to 3000 pounds per month. So these people want to basically replace their full time income. So they want to cover the mortgage, they want to cover their bills, they want to cover everything working from home. So they will be prepared to work slightly harder and put in a bit more time into this business.

And only 5% of people, only 5% of people in network marketing have a desire level of earning 25,000 pounds or more per month. So they want to go all the way to the top, they want to crush it, they want to make the big income, get the luxury cars, stand on a stage with a massive cheque in front of thousands of people and all of that. So what on earth are you guys doing there?

So this final group has a desire to work the business much harder, but what I didn't get for a long time in the business, what I didn't understand is that not everybody ally that because I was that person, I had the huge ambition, I wanted to grow my business, so I would think that everybody else who's joining the business, they want to crush it as well. They want to go to the top, they want to make the big money and when people joined the business and they didn't do it, I would then get frustrated, I would get upset, I would get mad because they are like, “Why would they not want to do this business? Why would they not want to crush it?”

Sometimes as a leader if you are the five percent and you’re expecting everybody else to be in the 5%, what happens is that you put people off, you make people feel that they're not enough, that they're not good enough because if somebody doesn't recruit like mad, if somebody doesn't sell like mad, and you go like, “Why aren't you selling more? Why don't you recruiting more?” You actually discourage that person from doing the business altogether. So then they go, “Well, I've been ordering products every single month but clearly, that's not good enough, so let me go and spend more money in another company then.”

So you have to understand you have to sort through your team and speak to everybody to understand what is it that they want from the business? Are they serious? Do they want to take the business to the next level? Do they want to make big money? Or do they just want to be part of the social club? Do they just want to do it as a hobby? And if you understand this, you'll be able to welcome everybody and create a culture with your team where everybody feels welcome, doesn't matter what their level of effort is, doesn't matter what their level of desire is, and this way, your business can explode because guess what, the 80%, the people who do it as a hobby, is there a chance that they will see other people crushing it and they will catch fire and they will get motivated.

Of course, there is if you keep them long enough around the campfire, if you keep them long enough around the family, but if you exclude them, if you make them feel unwelcome, then they won't ever catch the fire because they just won't do the business, they leave it. So you want to keep the people around the campfire, you want to keep the people within the business as long as you can for them to see enough success to go, “You know what, I want to change my life too, you know what, I want to take my business to the next level, you know what, I want to start earning big money too.” And they catch fire and they start doing it too. So that's my advice for today guys.

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