8 ways to STOP your new recruit from quitting

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Sunday, November 25, 2018 Under: Personal Development
When a brand new distributor joins your team they are the most 'fragile' over the first few weeks and first few months. They have not achieved anything yet and it is fairly easy for them to quit your business because they have nothing to loose. That is why jour job as a sponsor is to keep them in the business long enough for them to get to the point where it is harder to quit than to stay in the business.

Here is 8 ways you can increase the chances of your new business partners staying in the business:

1. Help them to get some results. Help them to get a couple of sales or to recruit their new team member so that they feel that they have achieved something.

2. Help them build friendships with other people in the team. Many people at the beginning do not make much money in network marketing but stay in the business because of the friendships they have made.

3. Let them see other benefits they are getting as part of being in network marketing. For example personal development, people who are not in network marketing have to spend hundreds and even thousands of pounds on personal development courses that we in network marketing are getting for free.

4. Help them rank advance in your company's compensation plan. Even if it is the first few ranks it will make them feel like they already on their way to success and reduce the chance of them quitting.

5. Give them recognition. They say "babies cry for it and grown men die for it", most people will do more for recognition than they would do for money. Also, most people are massively under-recognised in their jobs and families so you recognising them for the work they do will hugely impact their decision to hang around network marketing.

6. Help them feel appreciated. Even if they do a small order, or bring in one person, or do any other activity in business make sure you make a big deal about it and show your appreciation. This business is a 'voluntary army' so there are no bosses, so you have to make sure they feel the LOVE.

7. Help them feel included in the business. When you add them to your facebook groups and whatsapp groups make sure you introduce them to the group, when they attend physical meetings make sure you introduce them to everyone so that they feel like a part of something bigger, part of a family. Many people crave to be part of a community.

8. Help them to tell the world. It is easy to quit something when you haven't told anyone that you are doing it, but much harder once you have announced to the whole world. Help them reach out to as many people as possible as soon as they get started in the business.

Here is a video where I go into more detail on each of these:

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