7 Personal Pivotal Needs

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about seven personal pivotal needs.

There's a lot of trainings and information out there about goals and goal setting and writing your goals, but one interesting thing that I learned from a training that I attended last year about, there was a lot of things that the training was about, but one of the things was about making the definite major purpose in life. So writing out your major goal of life that encompasses all of your smaller goals.

And one of the things we were encouraged to do is to think about what are our personal pivotal needs, because different people have different needs that they have to accomplish in their life. So I wanted to share with you those seven needs and for you to think, what are my main needs in life? What do I need to accomplish in order for me to be satisfied, accomplished, feel happy, feel like I did what I had to do in this life?

The first pivotal need is legacy. So for some people, it's very important to leave something behind whether that's wealth or assets or just information or maybe books or lectures. So the first one is legacy.

Second one is spiritual growth. So again, there's a group of people that for them, the most important thing is growing spiritually, whether that's religious or not, it doesn't have to be just religious growth, but it's spiritual. So more to do with their mindset with their spirit.

The third pivotal need is autonomy. There’s a group of people for whom feeling independent, feeling like they can do everything for themselves, they can take care of themselves it’s very important. They don't like to depend on other people or on other organizations or another, even members of family, they like to be independent, to be autonomous, where they can do everything for themselves and rely on themselves.

The fourth one is liberty. Now liberty is to do with your freedom. So again, there is a group of people who value freedom the most. For them to have the freedom, the time freedom and the money freedom is the most important thing in their life. So until they have this freedom, they can never be happy, they can never be satisfied because they’re always limited to some extent. So for those people who liberty is very important, working in a job very often feels like a jail, because their freedom is being taken away from them because they have to be stuck at that one particular place.

The fifth one is helping others. So again, there's a group of people for whom the highest value in life is actually helping other people. So for them, unless they help other people, whether that's in a physical way or in a financial way or in whichever way they feel that they are not accomplished. They feel like they haven't achieved everything they wanted to.

The sixth one is recognition for creative expression, recognition for creative expression. So being able to create something like a video like I'm doing right now or writing things or making movies or making music or making dance or making paintings or whatever it is write some sort of creative expression and getting recognition for that, not just doing it, but actually getting recognition for that and maybe being paid for doing that.

And then the last one, number seven is true health. So again, for some people their highest need is the health, is in order for them to be healthy, fit, vibrant, vital. So those people might be very often the people who like to go to the gym, like to run, do marathons and things like that, because health for them is the highest value. So when I mentioned these seven, have a think about which two are my main ones. And don't think about it too much. Just let it come to you. So for me, I know all of my goals are around Liberty, and recognition for creative expression.

All of my goals come under those two, for me to have the freedom and for me to have the recognition for what I create, for the trainings I make, for the coaching, for the speaking that I do. So those two for me are super important and that's why all of my goals actually fall under these two. Have a think before you write your goals down, have a think which two could be the umbrella that puts all of my goals under.

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