7 Network Marketing SUPERPOWERS

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Today I want to talk to you about seven network marketing superpowers. If you want to become a superstar in network marketing, then you might want to develop each and every one of these.

Okay, so the first superpower in network marketing is speed, success loves speed, so that's why the first network marketing superpower is speed, get better, faster, do less thinking and more doing, I love the quote where they say: “Done is better than perfect.” So get things done instead of waiting for them to become perfect. So speed is very, very important. Success love speed in network marketing. It's much easier to build the business fast than it is to do it slow because if you do it fast, it just gets into that momentum and you get much better results much faster, whereas if you're trying to do it slowly, sometimes it is, by the time you get the next person, the first person has quit, and it's just really, really difficult. All right, so that's superpower number one. 

Superpower number two, is consistency. And this is probably one of my favourites over the last couple of months. It became my word of the day, every single day. Consistency, consistency, consistency, consistency. When I first got started in business, I kept hearing people saying, “Hey, consistency is very important. Consistency is very important.” But it never clicked with me. I never really fully understood how powerful consistency is and how important consistency is. Almost any strategy in business WILL work if you do it consistently, but if you do something once, twice, three times and it doesn't work for you and you quit, is going to be really difficult for you to build a business. Whatever it is, whether you cold calling, whether you messaging people on Facebook, whether you doing leaflets, whether you're doing business opportunity presentations, whether you prospecting people on the street, it doesn't really matter, whatever strategy you choose if you do it consistently time and time again, guess what, you're going to start getting results with almost any strategy, so consistency is super, super important.You’re going to be a slave to your habits, whether good ones or bad ones, so become a slave to good habits like doing your income producing activity every single day.

Next, number three superpower in network marketing is emotional resilience. What does that mean? You have to discipline your disappointments. The thing is, successful people, leaders in business, influences in business, they understand the challenges are inevitable. They are inevitable. It's not like IF we're going to have some challenges, if we're going to have some problems. No, the question is, WHEN, so any business, any company, any product, any marketing, it doesn't matter what you do, you will have challenges. Right now, you might be in the momentum stage where your business is growing every single day and you might not feel like this could ever end, like this momentum could ever stop, but I promise you, your business will plateau at some point and your business will dip at some point too, there will be challenges, there will be sometimes leader who is leaving your business or people jumping to another company or bunch of different things can happen. So you have to be prepared that there will be challenges but when you have this emotional resilience, it doesn't stop you. It doesn't put you on your knees. It doesn't get you out of business.You keep going at it because you expect those challenges to happen, you understand that you as a leader, you're a problem solver and don't take those challenges personally. Just understand that every single business experiences those challenges.

Superpower in network marketing number four is simplicity. You have to fight with passion complexity in your business. Make sure that you try to simplify everything as much as possible. When somebody looks at your business, they should say,“It looks easy, looks like it's going to work and it looks like I could do it.” That's how it should be. If you’re presenting your business and people saying to you,“Hey I don't think I could do this.” This should be a warning sign for you. This should be a red flag for you that you’re over complicating it. You’re making it look hard. You want to make sure that you make your business as simple as possible that an eight year old could have a look at it and understand how they could do it, understand how it works. So super, super, super, super important, because it will help your duplication if your business is simple for example how do you present the business? Do you do the whole presentation yourself or do you show a video, because if you do the presentation yourself, it's very difficult to duplicate because I'm I look at you and go, “Wow, you're amazing. But I could never do what you do”, but if you showed me a video, I might be sitting there thinking, all they did, they showed me a video, I could do that, that's not difficult. So think about using as much tools in your business so that other people can duplicate the same thing.

Superpower number five in network marketing is relationships. Close relationships will give you loyalty in business. If you build stronger relationships with your leaders, with your business partners, they'll stay in the business no matter what, they will not leave you. So super, super important to invest time and energy into building relationships, strong relationships with people. Any person in your business should be a friend first before they become an up-line or a downline, they should be a friend first. And be an example to other people. Be a role model, is what you doing right now is being a good role model. Ask yourself that question. 

Superpower number six in network marketing is promoting, you have to become a promoting machine. Whether you promoting event, whether you're promoting new product, whether you promoting an incentive program, whether you're promoting a special offer, whatever it is, you should always be promoting constantly to your team, to your customers, to your potential business partners, etc. The more of these exposures you give, the bigger the chance that somebody will go and attend that training or go and use that special offer or will going attempt that incentive program. The more you repeat it, the bigger the chance that somebody will take a look at it. So when you promoting you have to be consistent again with it and do a lot of it, do a lot of repetition so that people really, really get the message because sometimes if you just announce something once and you move on to something else, not many people will catch that message 

And then last superpower number seven in network marketing is developing strategies. Strategies is the superpower number seven. Strategies help you just stay on track and strategies help you to tackle challenges. So if something happens once in your business, it might just be a fluke, it might just be one of accident but if same challenge comes up again and again and again, you know that you have to develop a strategy to stop that challenge from making an effect. So to give you an example, every time you’re doing a presentation and somebody says, “Is this a pyramid business?” You know that there's something in your presentation that is causing that person to ask, is this a pyramid business?So you might want to then develop a strategy that will prevent people from asking it. 

You might start your presentation saying, “Hey guys, this is network marketing business. This is not a pyramid business because pyramid businesses I illegal and I would never do anything illegal and I would never recommend you to do anything illegal. This is network marketing business which is hundred percent legal, it's registered here in UK, it has its own offices, etc. So it's a proper business.” If you start like that, what's the chance that 15 minutes later, they're going to go,“Is this a pyramid business?” So this way, if you see that things are happening to do with retention, with recruiting or whatever else, other challenges are happening consistently, then you have to think what strategy I can inbuilt in my business to stop that from happening. So if there's a lot of people leaving your business as soon as they join, you might need to work on retention strategy. How to keep them in the business, if there's a lot of people who join your business and don't do anything, then maybe you have to develop a strategy, how to make people to do something, how to get people into activity and so on and so on.


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