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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about producing content for your social media.

I was watching some videos or actually listening to them as I was driving by Gary Vaynerchuk today, and Gary Vee is a social media maniac and he was saying that he produces 60 to 80 of pieces of content a day, 60 to 80 pieces of content a day across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, whatever, Snapchat, Tik Tok, LinkedIn. And he basically said, “Look, if you don't have a lot of presence on social media, you're just not going to get people's attention because there's so much information that people are being bombarded with that it becomes harder and harder to get people's attention.” So if you put in one piece of content a day, it's just not enough, you are drowning in the sea of information and people simply are not seeing your posts.

You have to get in front of people more by having more content out there. But very often, when people hear, oh 60 to 80 pieces of content, that means it's bigger quantity, that means the quality goes down. But that's actually not necessary. Your quality doesn't have to go down as your quantity goes up, and the quality I'm talking about is the value of the information you provide.

Now I'm not necessarily talking about the production value. So you don't have to have a professional film crew filming you and doing professional sound and everything. No, it doesn't have to be like that, you should focus more on the quality or the value of the information you put across and less about the quality of the actual production, how great the video is, or how crisp the picture is.

Now, if you can make a better quality video, it's a bonus, if you can make better quality pictures, it's a bonus, but the content, what you're talking, what you're writing about is a lot more important than the actual visuals, than the actual how it looks like. It could be just you walking and filming yourself with the selfie video and that's better if it's great content than a professional is short video of rubbish content. But simply, if you're not putting the content on social media, you're basically not competing, you're basically not getting attention from your audience.

So maybe you're not going to be producing 60 to 80 pieces of content, but think about how could I produce more content? How can I put more stuff in front of people so I can catch more people's attention, more people to see what I'm doing, more people to see my products, more people to see my business, more people to see how I'm helping others. The more content you can put out there, the faster you're going to get people's attention.

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