6 Steps To Winning The Game Of Network Marketing

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I want to give you six steps to winning the game of network marketing. So the game of network marketing and some of you might go straight away, “Wow, how dare you call this business a game?” But hey, just relax a bit and try to think about it as a game and then the rules will relate and you'll understand what I'm trying to say here.

Step number one in winning the game of network marketing is you have to find the game you like. So what do I mean to find a game you like? You need to find a company that you can be passionate about. You need to find a product that you can love and recommend and enjoy using every single day. So you need to find the game you like because if you only doing this for the money, I have to break it to you, is not going to work for you. If you just like, “Oh yeah, whatever, I can sell anything, just give me the money.”
 It's going to be very, very, very difficult job for you. So it’s going to be very difficult journey.

Since instead, find something that you really love that you can be passionate about. Like I say, when I'm speaking about my company, when I'm doing a training or a presentation, it's sweet in my mouth to do it. You know what I mean? It's like I enjoy the process. I enjoy speaking to people about it and sharing about it. You know what I mean? That's how passionate you need to get about it. So that's number one, find the game you like. Find a company that you like, find a product that you absolutely love.

Number two, as in any game, if you want to win the game number two, you need to know the rules. So what are the rules of network marketing? What are the rules to business because there are certain rules. And if you break those rules, you going to fail, you're going to fall flat on your face if you don't follow those rules. Now, I could tell you a million rules about network marketing, but that's not what this video is about. I mean, you can read some books about network marketing, attend your company's trainings and you'll quickly figure out that there are some rules that you need to follow in order to succeed in the game. So that's number two.

Number three in winning the game of never marketing, is you need to then master it. So just learning the rules is not mastering. I mean, you pull out the game from the box, you unpack it, you read the little rules and you can figure them out very quickly. Does that make you a master of the game? Not really, at least you know the rules now, but you don't become a master. A good example is passing your driver's license. In order to get your driver's license, you have to learn the rules and pass the test, but once you are master driver the first day when you got your license, well you know the rules, you pass the test, are your master driver? No, you're horrible driver. You're a danger to yourself and just society, but you know the rules.

Same in network marketing, just knowing the rules doesn't make you a master. So step one, find the game you like. Step two learn the rules. Step three, you now need to master it, you need to work harder than anybody else, you need to become obsessed by it and study and study and study it and develop that passion for it so that you can master this game of network marketing, so you can become the next League, you can become the high league the Pro. And that's step number three.

Step number four is a cheat. It's a shortcut. And it's a really, really good way to speed up your progress, which is find a mentor. So find somebody in your company, it may not be the person who invited you, it may be the person who invited you, but sometimes, you might need to go two, three, four, five, six, seven people up until you find the person who already has the results that you want to get and then start listening to them. Start learning, become a student, become a trainee, become an apprentice to this mentor and learn everything you can from that person because that person-- and an easy way to choose a mentor is somebody who has a documented success track record, documented not verbal, because a lot of people might tell you stories about how successful they are or they were some time ago, right about the money they made.

But they're scared to show you it and things like that, right. But then there are documented leaders who have documented income claims, who have documented success track who have documented how they have helped other people to become successful. So you want a documented mentor, who is sure to show you the real success path. So that's step number four, in winning the game of network marketing.

Step number five, you need to understand that you don't win every day. As in any game, you cannot expect to win all the time. And it blows my mind how often I meet people who expect to win every single day, they expect to win every single week, they expect to win every single month. What do I mean they expect to win? Well, they expect to win, it means that they expect everything to go as planned, everything to be smooth, to be no challenges, no problems, no difficulties. But that is illusion that is utopia. It does not exist. If you doing a business in the real world, which is what the world we living in, then there's going to be challenges, there's going to be fighting in your team, there's going to be people leaving the business, there's going to be products coming in damaged and there's going to be price increases and marketing plan changes and a million other things that you could not have predicted, when you first got started, you couldn't even know that you could have those challenges, and you will have all of them. That is understanding that you're not going to win every day.

So some weeks and some months, you're going to be winning it, you're going to be crushing it, everything is going well, people are just rocking and rolling, recruiting new people, buying and selling products, just everything is amazing, right, and you’re killing it and you’re making the higher ranks and you’re making more money. Awesome. Enjoy while you can.

However, there's going to be months that are not like that. There's going to be months or weeks sometimes it just might be a day where things go south, where things don't go so well and you just have to accept it that if you were in any other game, if you win the game of football, if you were in the game of poker, if you win a game of anything else, you're always going to have days when you win, and you're going to have days where you lose, it is part of the game, accept it, the challenges and the problems are part of the game.

Lastly step number six in winning the game of network marketing. And this step again is a cheat. This step again is a shortcut to success that allows you to speed up your progress, speed up on how you make money, speed up how quick you get to your goals. And that is making a decision to invest in yourself to get better every single day to study this profession. Look, if you wanted to become a better surgeon, then you'd go to surgeon seminars, you read surgery books, you would watch the top surgeons in the world.

If you wanted to become a better carpenter, you would observe other carpenters you maybe go to some classes. Every profession in order for you to get better and to make more money and to become a better master, you have to go and learn update your skills, update your knowledge and network marketing is no different. Again, if you want to get there faster, you need to start upgrading your knowledge. Don't ask for it to be easier, ask for you to be better. Don't ask for it to be easier because it won't be easier. But you can get better. You can learn more you can arm yourself with all of these assets of skills that can help you to tackle any situation and that will help you to win the game of network marketing.

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