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I want to talk about six steps to a successful home meeting. So if you run home meetings, if you do presentations in hotels, if you do any of that type of face to face introduction of people into your business, you might want to watch this video because it might be very, very useful for you. So, six steps to a successful home meeting. But actually, you could use these steps if you do a meeting in a hotel, if you do a meeting in a coffee shop, etcetera. It's basically how to successfully run a presentation.

So step number one, be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is the fuel of this business. It's the emotion that fires everything up. It's the main part because if you're not enthusiastic about what you have to offer, why would I be enthusiastic about joining your business? Why would I be enthusiastic about becoming part of what you do? So you have to have that energy. You have to have that enthusiasm. So that's step number one.

Step number two, keep the presentation brief. Don't do a two and a half hour presentation because it murders your audience. It kills people. They're sitting there, “Oh my God. Stop talking. Come on.” So if you can, play a video 10 minutes, 15 minutes maximum. Play video done. So introducing people to the business, opening up their mind, that's it. Keep the presentation brief.

Number three. Facts tell stories sell. Remember that facts tell stories sell. So use stories. The chances are your presentation is probably full of fact, our company started in this day and age and we do so much turnover and we do this that and the other. That’s all facts. And it's great. But facts only tell, stories sell, so use stories, tell stories of successful people, tell stories of unsuccessful people, tell stories of how people use your product and what they got. Tell stories.

People will listen to stories and they will remember stories better. Guess what? When you were a child, and you were in the bed, and you were about to go to sleep, what did you ask your mom to read you? The Forbes magazine, the wall street journal with all the facts and figures or did you ask for story? Yes story because our brain accepts stories much better. So use stories in your presentation as well, use stories in your meeting as well. How did this product work? How did that business work? How did that person do in your business? Use the stories, people will remember stories better than any numbers.

Number four, paint the vision. Show them, where is this business going? What is awaiting us? What is the future? Where are you going? What is your vision? People want to hear that because if your vision, oh, I just want to earn some extra money. Like who's going to get fired up about that vision? Who going to go, “Oh my gosh, I'm going to join your team because I want to help you earn some extra money.” Not really. But if they hear your vision, if your vision is big, if your vision is grand, if you have some plans, now, that's going to excite people, they will want to be part of your vision, they will want to be part of your mission.

So first of all, if you don't have a vision, think about what's your vision? What's your end game? Where do you want to go with this business? What do you want to achieve? What's your purpose on this earth? What are you trying to accomplish here so that you can share that with other people? That will excite people, that will inspire people, they will go, “Oh my gosh, I want to be with that woman. I want to be with that guy. He's going places and I want to go with him. That's painting your vision.

Number five. At the end, don't invite questions. Don't invite questions. One of the rookie mistakes of people running a home meeting go, “Any questions?”And then you might have 10 positive people and one negative one, and that one negative person can put off the other 10 positive people with bad questions, with attacking you, with being vicious. So you don't want to do that. At the end of your meeting, you go great. Let's, speak to the person who invited you here today. If you have some questions come to me personally, and I will speak to you. So you can handle that negative person in the kitchen, while all the positive people getting signed up, getting purchasing products. So don't invite questions at the end of your presentation.

And finally, be prepared. Have the registration forms, have the sample kits, have the products, have everything that you need to recruit people and get them started in your business. Be prepared. Don't go, “Oh, I didn't expect anybody to join. I didn't expect everybody to get started. So I haven't got anything with me.” Be prepared. If you're running a home meeting, if you're running a hotel meeting, if you're running whatever meeting, have the tools necessary to do the job, to sign up the person into the business, to get somebody started, to sell somebody a product. So be prepared for that. That's the six steps.

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