5 Vitamins For Your Business

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I want to talk about the vitamins that you should be taking in your business. So we've got five vitamins that I recommend you to take. These are the different kind of vitamins that you should be taking in your business if you want to become successful and there are five of them.

The first one is vitamin A, that stands for application, as a business person, an entrepreneur, it is super important that you would apply what you are learning. I see it every single day, people investing money in books, audio programs, video courses, training events, seminars, etc. Learn everything and never use the damn thing and they are surprised why their life is not changing, the business is not changing, they are not making more money but the reason for that is because they're not using the vitamin A, which is application, you learn something and then you put it in practice I just attended an event in Henderson, Nevada and it was a four day event. And this these are my notes From a 4 day event like half a book but guess what, taking those notes attending that training is just part one.

Now the harder bit is me applying everything that I've learned because otherwise I just wasted a week and a bunch of money. It's not just about learning the thing but it's about applying that thing in your business so that it does produce more results, money, customers, recruits and so on you know what I mean? So vitamin A is application, make sure that you apply what you are learning, because otherwise you are just what we call an information junkie where you just keep gathering information but information unused is worthless, useless, it's just that, information, that's number one.

Vitamin number two is B, which stands for believe ability. You have to deliver to your potential customer, business partner with a sense of believability, don't exaggeratedly, make things untrue, probably the worst saying of all time is fake it until you make it. That's like the worst advice you can give to somebody, fake it until you make it because people can feel that .People can feel when you're not genuine, when you're lying, exaggerating, not telling the truth so be real. Be you, be the best you, you can be right. For some of you, you need to ramp up your energy, know your enthusiasm, dress smarter, look sharper, you know what I mean; you need to be you but the best version of you but don't lie, exaggerate, have the believability, be transparent, honest with people. That’s vitamin B the second vitamin you should take.

The third vitamin is c and vitamin C stands for comprehension which is basically understanding how your prospect, potential customer, l business partner feels? What do they think? If I asked you, have you ever said something to a potential business partner, customer that once you said it, you wish that you could put it back in your mouth? Have you ever said something that raised an objection, that that person hasn’t even thought before? Have you ever done that? If the answer is yes, I congratulate you. Why? Because you have comprehension, you understand that hey, I said the wrong thing and that turned my prospect off or I said the right thing and that turned my prospect on.

If you have never had that happen to you, you're probably oblivious of that happening to you. There are a lot of people out there in sales, business and entrepreneurship who go and do presentations, prospect people and they're talking and the other person literally is thinking I hate you and they don't even understand that they don't even feel that because they are oblivious of what's happening around them. All they care is just about their agenda and putting their message.

So you becoming aware, comprehensive about what is happening, when you communicating with an individual, how are they reacting? What is their body language, facial features, and eyes? What are they saying? Are you listening to what they are saying or you just waiting for them to shut up. So you can start talking, you know what I mean? So vitamin C is comprehension, if you want more results in your business you need to take that victim daily, you need to develop your comprehension observe people, listen, pay attention to how they are so that you know for sure that they're receiving your message or whether you need to change gears and maybe approach it from a different angle so that's vitamin C.

Vitamin D is all there many entrepreneurs, home based business owners lack the vitamin D, and the visit in D is discipline. Discipline is doing the things you need to do even when you don't feel like doing it. It's all very well, when you first get started you are excited it's new, it's amazing and you are going out there, putting your effort and action.

But then after a few weeks, months and years it becomes boring, war and you stop doing it and that's why you don't get results and you don't make money. You have to develop your discipline. One of my mentors she says, I can't afford to have a bad day. What does that mean as a leader you are showing example to hundreds and some cases thousands of people who are observing you.

So if you allow yourself to have a bad day on social media, with your team not being respectful, upbeat, positive, the person that they look up to, then guess what you burst that bubble, vision, authority, you lose the trust, respect, and it’s much more difficult than to rebuild it later. As a leader, business owner, an entrepreneur you have to become disciplined.

This evening with our team we did a training on DMO ( daily method of operation) tasks that you have to do every single day and you have to discipline yourself. Nobody said this was easy, it’s going to be effortless but it's simple. It's not rocket science you don't need a PhD in order to be able to do a home based business but it's still work, It's still effort and don't delude yourself that maybe for leaders it's easy probably for them it's just effortless. No, it isn't. It is still work for them too but the difference between an amateur and a master is that both of them don't want to do the work but the master does it anyway and gets the results. That’s vitamin D, which is discipline yourself on a daily basis, to do the things that have to be done.

And then finally, the final vitamin is vitamin E which stands for enthusiasm. So you have to have that passion in you whether you are talking to somebody, doing your Facebook Live, whatever it is that you're doing you need to bring your energy into it, you need to bring your passion in it. Sales is nothing more than a transfer of feeling if I can make you feel the way I feel about my product, you're going to buy my product, if I can make you feel the way I feel about my business, you're going to join my team, if I can make you feel the way I feel about network marketing industry, you're going to start believing in this industry but if I come across as boring, uninterested as whatever then you're not going to get excited, you're not going to get passionate.

And at the end of the day if you're not excited about what you got to offer why the heck would I get excited about it, you know what I mean? So you need to transfer that excitement, belief. That's why sometimes you see brand new people in business get better results than people who've been in the business for years and have all the knowledge and experience. Why? Because the new person they are just ignorance on fire. They don't know what they talking about, they don't understand the marketing plan, they don't know how to sell or how to recruit, they don't know the scripts or anything but they are just running with it. They just excited and people seeing them, they go. I don't know what the heck you're talking about but I can see you going places and I want to go with you. You know what I mean?\

That's excitement that’s sheer enthusiasm. So you need to find a way how to pump yourself up every single day, you need to find what excites you what raises that level of energy maybe you need to jump on a trampoline for a few minutes, have a run ,jump in a cold shower, listen to some music, watch a video, give me a phone call but whatever you do you have to get excited every single day because if you are lacking that vitamin E it’s going to be a slow journey for you, difficult because you are not  excited and people around you  are not excited and people around them are not excited and before you know it, it's a pity party where everyone is just like complaining how horrible and bad and hot everything is you know what I mean? So that's a bit of an E which is enthusiasts.

So I highly recommend that you take these five vitamins every single day vitamin A application, vitamin B believability, vitamin C comprehension, vitamin D discipline and vitamin E enthusiasm. If you take these five elements every single day your business will grow you will start attracting people to you because they will say I want to spend more time around this person because they are going places because they are amazing because they are positive because they are radiating this vibes and I want to spend time around this person.

That's what I wish for you that you become a people magnet that people will get attracted to you like these moths that are flying through my window because it's attracting with all this life. But that's what I really wish for you.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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