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I want to share with you five different types of posts that you can share on your social media in order to get better results. The title is five types of posts you can do on social media. And I'm sharing actually what I've learned from Ray Higdon’s book Freakishly Effective Social Media for Network Marketing. It's an awesome book, by the way, if you've never read it, it's not a big book, quick to read, but some great stuff there.

The first type of posts to share on social media are value posts. Value posts are basically posts that are giving some sort of value to people, some sort of useful information or funny stuff or interesting things. And again, you don't have to come up with that stuff. Sometimes you can just go on Google and type in five tips to, and then see what Google comes up with. And Google will come up with five tips to cook a healthy dinner, make kids busy, and entertain your family or whatever. And you can click on that. It'll give you some blog articles, you can read up and share it with your audience.

So you don't need to come up with the tips, but you just need to share them with your audience. So that's the first type of tip and when you do your post on social media, if it's a video, best thing to do is do an intro, then a question like, would you like to learn how to keep your kids busy during this quarantine, then you do the content, you actually give them the tips and then you give call to action at the end. You tell them to do something, either to message you, go somewhere on your website or whatever. So that's the first type of posts.

The second type of post is recognition post. So Recognition posts would be to recognize somebody. It could be to recognize your team member for doing very well in business. It could be to recognize your leader for helping you in business and mentoring you, it could be to recognize somebody else, not even in your business, for doing a great job or doing something nice. These posts again, obviously, the person who you recognize will love it. But actually, other people like that type of post because it shows what type of person you are, that you are recognizing other people, that you're giving other people credit, which is awesome.

Third type of posts you can do is a story post. So it's just to share somebody's story or your own story. So you could share your own story about the business how the business has changed your life, or sharing your own story about a product, how using a certain product has improved your life, or you could be sharing somebody else's story. So it doesn't even have to be your story. It could be somebody else's story about again about the product or the business.

The fourth type of thought is an engagement post. So engagement post, as it says in the title, it's designed to cause engagement. So it's designed for people to get people to like it and comment it and share it. So very often that could be to do with question. So you could ask people a question like, “What's your favourite perfume?” Looking for recommendations, and people could comment on that. Or it could be something as simple as what's your favourite food? Or what do you do nowadays to keep yourself busy? What TV series that you're watching now or whatever, it's to engage people. Sometimes there's those little pictures that ask people either you love it or ha-ha it or whatever. So, it can be different types of posts that helps to engage your audience.

And then the final post number five is call to action post. So these are the posts that get people to act on something, so it might be a Salesforce for your product. It may be a recruiting post for your business. Or any other post that gets people to do something you want them to do either to message you or to comment or to go somewhere to a site or whatever. So these are called call to action posts. Okay, so these are the five different posts from Freakishly Effective Social Media for Network Marketing by Ray Higdon.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group
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