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I want to share five steps to greatness. These five steps actually I was watching a video of my friend today, Vademas if you're watching this video, thank you very much, man. I've learned this from you today. I liked your insights and that's why I want to pass on to you guys what I've learned because I really like this five insights. So five steps to greatness, how to achieve greatness in your life, how to get better results, how to make more money, how to achieve more.

Step number one, concentrate on the positive. If you have odds, like 10% the chance, you're going to fail miserably and 90% that you're going to succeed. You know what more people do, what unsuccessful people do. They concentrate at the chance of failure. They concentrate on the on the chance of disaster. You know what successful people do, they just focus on the chance of success. They say, “I don't care about the fact that you can fail. I just focus on the chance that I will succeed.

I just focus on the thing that can help me to get the result.” So that's what successful people do. I've met a lot of successful people in my life. I watched a lot of videos, I watched a lot of trainings. And that's what they do. They constantly focus the mind on the positive, instead of looking for the negative, and by the way, there's always negative. You can always find some negative. So that's step number one.

Step number two is think about where am I the best? Not the you are the best in the world, but what are your strengths? What are the things that you do well, instead of trying to do something that you're horrible at, instead of trying to do something that you rubbish at, why not focus your energy on things that you're really great at. Why not focus your energy on things that you actually are amazing at and use those things and go at it because that's where you can excel. That's where you can get the best results.

Step number three, do what you want, or otherwise, you'll be sorry. If you went to old people's homes and you spoke to those people, very rarely, they'll say, “Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so upset that I did some things in my life.” You know what most people are sorry about? Most people are sorry for the things they never did. Most people have regret about the opportunities they didn't take, about the chances they didn't take. So if you have a thing in your life that you want to do, that you love doing, but you keep putting off, stop, go and do it, go and achieve, go and put it into practice, because the chances are that's what you meant do anyway.

But too many people live the other day, someday, like Brian Tracy used to call it, “Someday I'll.” Like a lot of people give on someday I'll, “Someday I'll do this, someday I'll lose weight, someday I'll practice piano, someday I'll learn how to play guitar, someday I'll try my own business.” They live on someday I'll, which doesn't exist. You have to do it now. Do the things you want to do, because otherwise you will regret it later.

Step number four, spend less time on things that are not serving you. Now look, I'm not the one to say, “Hey, you have to stop watching television. You have to stop watching movies. You have to stop doing all the things you enjoy and just work, work, work, work, work.” No, I'm not saying that. But what I'm saying there has to be balance. So I love a good movie. I love to watch some TV series that keep my brain engaged and help me to laugh or whatever, but at the same time, I'm allocating a lot, a big chunk of my time to do the work to do the things that are important. So you have to have the balance and you have to try to reduce the amount of time you give to things that eat up your time and don't really serve you and give more time to things that are serving you, that are helping you to achieve your dreams, that are making you more money, and so on. So that's step number four.

And the final step number five is to understand that you are not serving people and you're not serving yourself if you don't push yourself, and you don't serve people if you don't push them to achieve their dreams. Now, I know there's a thin line between pushing to help a person and pushing them to get what you want. There’s a difference. So you should know the difference, but a lot of people say, “Oh, I don't want to ask this person for the sale, I don't want to ask this person to join my business. I don't want to bother them. I don't want to impose on them. I don't want to.” You're not serving them that way because maybe that person actually needs your product.

Maybe your product could have helped that person. Maybe your business opportunity could have massively helped that person. Maybe it could have, but you never did it because you thought oh, I want to push, I don't want to impose, I don't want to bother. So first of all, you have to push yourself because most of us, we're not pushing ourselves enough to do things that we need to do, but then also influence other people, encourage other people to empower other people to also reach their potential because a lot of people need your guidance, a lot of people need your encouragement, a lot of people need your helping hand, but you have to step up and do the work. So these are the five things to greatness.

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