5 Steps to Creating Successful Systems in your Network Marketing Business

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, January 27, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about a very important part of your business, which is creating systems in your business. What kind of systems could you have in your business?

There are actually a lot of different systems you can develop in your network marketing business and use them in order to grow your business. What kind of system could you have in your network marketing business? You could have customer acquisition systems, customer on boarding systems, distributor acquisition systems, distributor on boarding system, call rank system, personal development system, Skills Development System, convention attendance system, communication system recognition system, leadership development system, and many others. And as you know, the more you systematized your business, the more you can grow your business, the more you can scale your business, because it's no longer being run by charisma or by personality but it's being run by a system.

I wanted to touch on five steps or five parts of a system that you should be looking at when creating any of the systems for your business. first step in creating a system is to know and to let others people know the importance of the system  you have to be very clear about what the system is for, what's the idea of the system  you have to be very clear to include assignments within that system. Because the idea of a system it's like an instruction manual. When you buy a computer, food mixer or whatever it has an instruction, then it's very clear it gives you instructions, how to use that particular appliance what to do with it, what not to do with it.

Well same way a system for your particular part of the business or maybe it's how to get customers system, it should be like an instruction manual. step one, two, three, four says like an assignment, like a task toward a new business partner for existing business by they can take and use it in order to go and implement that system in their business too. It's like an instructional manual and it shouldn't be too long. So you creating a system, it should be one page, one a four page, it shouldn’t be 55 pages on how to recruit a distributor because that's just way too complicated. That’s number one the importance.

Number two is a radical simplicity doesn’t say blah, blah, if by is enough. What I mean by that is that don't over-complicate it, as Albert Einstein said, any idiot can make something more complicated, but it takes a genius to make things more simple. So don't over-complicate it don't make it even harder even more difficult because the more difficult you create your system, the less likely people are to follow it and to use it, you have to make sure that you become a simplification scientist in your business and when creating a system, you making sure that it is as simple as possible that anybody could follow and do it, that's step two. Step three is levels of duplication, when you create your system, you will be able to create different levels of system, it could be a beginner for a brand new person, then you could have intermediate somebody who has been in the business for a while and they could follow that then you could have advanced for people who've been in the business for a long time, they could follow that particular system.

So it could be like three parts of a system that's your levels of duplication. But if you right now you don't have any system, then best to start with the beginner ,the simple one that a brand new person could join and do that because guess what  intermediate person and the advanced person can still use the simple system but advanced system only advanced people will be able to use. So make sure that you have ease of duplication that people will be able to use that system to grow their own businesses quite easily.

Step number four is what you want your team members what you want other people within your business to think about your system. And this three things you want them to think and this is super vital. So what do you want people to think about your system when they look at it they need to say this looks simple, I think it will work and I think I can do it. That's your test for your system. If you creating a system on how to get customers, or how to get distributors or how to do this, that or the other and a brand new person looks at it and they can’t say this looks simple. It looks like it's going to work and it looks like I'm going to be able to do it, then the system is too hard, too complicated, too difficult.

And then the fifth part of creating a system is how you know that the system is working. You know that the system is working is by three things everybody in your team knows it, everybody in your team does it and it works. That's how you know that the system is good because it's duplicated, other people are using it. It's not you are the only person who's using it, your whole team is using it then you know that the system works.

Make sure that you system advertises your business and think of little things that you can do to create in order to help new people in your business to follow that system and to be able to have an instruction manual because too many people in network marketing they have no system whatsoever they recruit people every time in a different way, they get customers in a different way and then when somebody joins the business they cannot teach them because it's just like a million ways to do it but if you have one piece of A4 paper with five steps to recruit people or three steps to get a new customer or six steps to bring team members to a conference, then this way you can give that piece of paper to anybody and they can follow that step by step.

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