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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, January 24, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to share with you a five step learning process that if you stick to it will help you greatly in your business and in your career and in your development. So I hope you're going to find this useful. Five step learning process that can help you greatly in your business development.

Step number one is impact. And impact is when you initially learn something. So what should you do? Number one, of course, you need to be conscious. So you need to turn your mind on. It's not about just subconsciously programming. If you go into a training, you need to really focus and listen to what's being taught. So you need to be conscious. So number one, you'll hear things. So when you hear things, it's good, but it's not enough, if you just go to a training and just sit there listening, is going to be very difficult to remember most of the stuff. So hearing is just the first step. So hearing is one.

Number two is writing. So you want to write down things, because if you write down, you will remember more. Now as you writing, once you've written those things, then you need to read back. So once you get home maybe, you read back, you repeat those phrases, you repeat what you've learned. And finally, you practice it. So you start saying it, you start using those techniques, because learning something and not using it is just a waste of your time if it just stays in notebook. So step one is impact. Step two is repetition. You see, a lot of people buy books or by audio programs, they listen to them once and they surprised why they life hasn't changed.

But listening to something once, you can't retain anything, you want to remember most of it, if you just read a book once or listen to a book once or go to a training once. So you need to repeat it. So even if you go to the same training again and again, or you’re re-listening, the same training again and again, you'll start remembering more, I would recommend you to listen to a training or to read a book or to go to a particular training at least six times, this will you can retain about 60 something percent of it. So you actually going to remember the things that you actually learn. So repetition is number two.

Number three is utilization. So now once you've learned it, you need to start using it, you need to start using because in the beginning, it's not automatic, it's like you have your reminders of all when they say this, I have to say that, when they do that I need to do this and so on. So it's quiet, it's like building a muscle; it's like very conscious using of those strategies. So that's number three.

Number four, is internalization. So once you've been using a particular strategy, particular learning so many times, it becomes part of you, it becomes automatic, somebody said, practice, not until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong. That's when it becomes internalized, where you what they call, unconsciously competent, where you just do it without even thinking about it, it becomes second nature of you. So that's number four.

Number five, I think is where a lot of people dropped the ball. So most people will go to the training, they'll take notes, they'll practice these things and then they applied it and sometimes even become part of the personality, but they miss out on number five. And number five is reinforcement, which means you have to go back to basics at least once a year. You know, people sometimes think it’s crazy, for somebody to go to the same training again and again every single year.

But actually, that's reinforcement, that's going back to basics. That's where refreshing your knowledge, because sometimes you learn something, but then on a day to day basis, you start changing and you start tweaking it, and somewhere down the line, it stops working. It doesn't work in at all; you don't even know what's happened. But it stopped working because you got away from basics, you started changing it, you started reinventing it, you got bored with it.

So once a year at least you need to do the reinforcement, you need to go back and re listen to that program, reread that book, attend that training, again, to refresh that knowledge and to go back to basics to start using the strategies that actually worked. And if you use these five steps, you'll definitely learn things, you'll definitely apply them and you'll definitely be going to get great results.

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