5 Levels Of Success In Network Marketing

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I want to share one of those things that we picked up at the beyond leadership training. And that was five levels of success in network marketing and really what does it require to go from each level to the next one because each level is slightly different and higher and it takes a different kind of approach to get to that level of success. What are these five levels of success?

These levels of success correlate with your income, the first level of success is where a person makes be anywhere between 0 and about 25,000 a year, this is the first level of success in network marketing. Literally, from the beginner from somebody who just joined and haven't made any money yet up to somebody who's making around 25,000 a year, which is not great, but it's a great part time income somebody is making 30- 40,000 in the main job and they get another 25,000 in the part time income, it makes a massive difference. So at this level of success for you to reach this level of success, what do you need to do or have and really the only thing you need to have at this level is be able to follow instructions, if you're able to follow instructions, if you're coachable you can reach that level of success because it's not very difficult, it’s not extremely difficult to make between zero and 25,000 so you might make 1000,2000 10,000 depending on your level of commitment but really at this level all you need to do is just follow instructions.

Now I know it sounds simple but it isn't that simple because most people cannot or would not follow instructions and its nuts. It’s like I saw this quote somewhere where it said, “Some people would not participate in their own rescue.” What does it mean? Very often I found from experience people join the business they need to make more money, they want to make more money you try to tell them what to do and they wouldn't listen. They just try to do their own thing. Or they don't do anything and it's like you think it will. What is going on? You joined a business, you want to make money, and I’m showing you how to do it. I'm telling you what to do and you're not listening to me. I know it sounds simple but do i follow instructions, from my upline, sponsor, and leadership? Do I do what I'm told to do Or I always question it, resist it, go the other way, find it hard to just accept what I'm being told and do what I'm being told. If you can do that, follow instructions to the max, you can get to about 25,000 a year, it’s not that difficult but again it's easy to do but guess what it's also easy not to do it takes a bit of time.

The second level of success is from 25,000 -200,000 a year. As you can see, that's a bit of a jump. a leap going now from 25,000, up to 100,000 a year. So that's a bit more of a leap and that level of success requires hard work. So most people who get to that level of income requires hard work and again I know you'll say it’s too simple is still too hard there must be a secret and most people again don't even understand what that means because the way people think about home based business is a bit skewed it's a bit different let's say somebody has a full time job and I don't know what's the average income in UK maybe about 30,000. Something like 20 to 30,000 is an average income and to make that type of money people work from four 40 to 80 hours a week and they accept that. So they work like 8, 10, 12 hour shifts in order to make that 20 -30,000 a year.

Then people come to network marketing to home based business and in network marketing, they also see that there's opportunity to make 20,30,40 50,60,100,000 a year but they expect to make that with like five minutes on Facebook a day. Well, that's not realistic it doesn't make any sense. Could you just do five minutes on social media every day and you'll be in the first bracket 0 to 25,000 a year depending on how much you will sell and recruit etc. But it's not going to develop to something massive because you only put in this much time compared to your full time job.

That is dead end and it's not leading anyway you know what I mean? It takes hard work and we talking 8, 10,12 hours a day of working your business not just sitting watching dancing cats on Facebook, the fact that you're not going to work because some people go Well, I haven't got a full time job. So I'm full time in network marketing. No, you're not are you putting in the full time hours. That's the question and I'm not talking eight hours of just reading personal development books. That's great but that's not going to take you anywhere. I'm talking doing the DMO. If you haven't watched watch my previous episode where I talk about daily method of operation seven things that you should be doing every day in order to succeed in network marketing.

So those 8,10,12 hours a day you should be of that DMO of those seven things which is consuming products, showing products, showing business, teaching other people how to do the same, promoting events, teaching people how to just go back to the seven things is basically seven essential steps promoting events. I said that already. So that's the hard work. And it I'm talking one after another, presentation after presentation, calls after call, and message after message. I'm talking work guys it's not just a hobby thing anymore. Second level of success to go from 25 to 100,000 is no longer just a hobby in order to get to 100,000 a year, it's hard work you have to be prepared to do serious work.

Third level of success is to go from 100,000 to half a million a year. To  reach that level hard work is no longer enough you still have to work hard, you still have to do those crazy hours but that's not enough anymore. For that level of success you need duplication, which means you now have to get into a rhythm where other people are doing what you're doing in your team because up to the first bracket, you could just use brute force and get to the hundred thousand just by yourself, you being the only leader in your team and you just crushing it and you just recruiting new people getting new customers just pushing but after that to get up to half a million, you cannot do that by yourself.

Which means now you need duplication, you need to get to a stage where what you're doing, people who you invite they are doing the same thing and the people they invite, they're doing the same thing it's like cloning yourself. That's where people need to start using systems and structures; you see the previous level of success you can get by with just charisma, being outstanding personality and just really driving it all by yourself.

But in order for your business to duplicate, you cannot duplicate charisma, personality because everybody has different personalities, charisma what you can duplicate is systems and structures what you can duplicate is a sheet of paper with seven things on a to do list on your DMO, you can duplicate that you can do that, give the same sheet of paper to the person whom you invited and say all you need to do is these seven things tick every day.

And then when you recruit somebody into the business, you give them the sheet tick seven things this way now your business can start duplicating, where you have repeated success where you're not the only person bringing new customers in, bringing new distributors in. Now it's rolling down within your team, now you creating that snowball effect within your business and that's what is required for the third level of success to go between 100,000 and half a million a year.

The forth of level of success is even rarer and even harder. And the fourth level of success is half a million to a million a year and we are getting more leaders hitting that rank nowadays but it's still not very common because again it requires another layer of success, intricacy, so for the first one you need to just to listen to instructions, the second one you needed to add, listen to instructions and hard work. For the third one, you needed to listen to instructions, hard work and create duplication in your business.

For the fourth one, you need to now have a promotion machine happening within your business. What does that mean? It's really important to have promotion within your team in terms of events, other things like new products, coming out incentive programs. So many people in network marketing are great announcers, there's an event in September, they just go, "Hey, guys, there's event in September hope you going to come." That's it, they just put a post on Facebook, that is not promotion, that is just announcing that is just being lazy to drive your business.

A real promotion is when you're driving people to the events, when you driving people to new product purchases, new product launches, when you driving people to the new incentive programs, how does that happen? by hard work and really personal communication Person to Person and really selling them on that concept of being at that event of participating in that product launch, on that system, or whatever it is. So you have to become a promotion machine in your business in order to take it to that level of success.

So for example, you know, main company events like a national conference, or international event, how many people do you have in those events, because people who make between half a million and a million, they have a lot of people to those events. You know, we were at this training in Las Vegas now. And there was a guy who within two years’ time he went from zero to making over a million a year in network marketing, guess what the last go pro in Las Vegas, he brought in about I think over 150 people to that event. So he is a leader, has driven it so much within his team, he's raised the value of that event so much he raised the necessity to be there that over 150 people from his team came to that event, that event is like 250-300 dollars a person, you know what I mean?

So it takes an awful lot of work and persistence, to get so many people to attend big events, especially the destination events where you need to get hotels, plane tickets and everything. But the value of it is equally as powerful. So imagine having 100 of your people at an event like that, which is like the most powerful event in the whole of network marketing, your people then come away with all the skills and knowledge and motivation and inspiration to go and crush it.

That's why his business has grown so fast because he became a promotion machine, he became that person who sells that event ,promotion, who sells that new product coming up so that the whole team switches on and works for that. So that's an extra layer of difficulty that's now you need to be able to follow instructions, work hard, create duplication, and be a promotion machine and even preferably create other promotion machines within your team who also promote down the line that's the fourth level of success.

The final fifth level of success in network marketing is 1 million plus. And again, at this training in Henderson Nevada, we had a couple of people in the room who were making over a million, yes, some 2 million plus some maybe more. What does it take to reach that level of success? Well, it takes all of the before all of the above that I mentioned already but also what it takes is the influencer development,you need to develop other people who are influencers, a real leader
  is because leader I think it's a word that has been overused in network marketing somebody joins recruits one person and we call them a leader, but are they a leader?

Not really like most of these people are not leaders, they just happened to recruit somebody but they haven't really developed the leadership qualities yet. So for a person to be an influencer, a real leader in network marketing they have to possess five qualities, which means they have to be independent, which means you can take that person drop them in a new city where they don't know anybody and they will build a team by themselves. They don't need you, don't need anybody, they can work independently.

Quality number two is they are problem solver. A lot of people in network marketing they are problem creators, not problem solvers but real leaders they are problem solvers they spend 5% of the time on the problem and 95 on the solution, thinking how can we fix this? How can we work through this, they don't just get paralyzed, that's it the catalogue came in wrinkled, I can't do the business anymore, you know what I mean. They just keep on going they are like a rhino, once they set their mind, they just keep going, nothing will stop them, they are problem solvers.

Number three, they are consistent they are not hot today and cold tomorrow And a lot of people are like that they work hard for a week, and then they disappear for three weeks, they work hard for another week, then they disappear for another month, that sends a very bad message because that shows that you are not serious, not committed, trustworthy, and who will follow a person and who's not committed who's not trustworthy. Who's just
 hot today, cold tomorrow it doesn't really make sense.

So whatever you do, you have to be doing it day in, day out day daily method of operation. That's the only way to grow your business. That's the only way to become successful think even working for a normal company. If you work with a normal company whatever they do and you were like in on Monday then you call in sick on Tuesday, you in on Wednesday then you call in sick on Thursday, you in on Friday but then you call in sick on Monday again, would they promote you? Will they go? Well, that's the person we need to send all the way to the top of our company.

That's the person who's really going to lead our company to the future. No, they wouldn't promote you they will go this person, we need to give them a disciplinary, we need to give them an ultimatum and probably get rid of them from our company because they're not consistent they are not committed to this job. Isn't that how most people do network marketing, i don't feel like it today, maybe I'll do it tomorrow, maybe I'll send five messages tomorrow.

If I feel like it, you know what I mean? That's not serious. Get over yourself. If you want to become successful, you have to treat this like a job every single freaking day. That's how you become successful, you start attracting people because they go, Oh, this person every day, they're on social media, they are showing products ,they're showing the business, they do the training, something is going on, this person is committed if they are going places, I want to go with them ,that's the third quality.

Number four is influences have big vision, they have a big vision, they are not just here to make some extra cash, they are not just here to make money for themselves, they have a bigger plan, they have a bigger vision of where they want to take the business where they want to take the company where they want to take the family where they want to take themselves where they want to take the team members, etc. So they're thinking in the bigger picture, they don't just see what's in front of them. They say see beyond that, what could happen in three years, in five years, in ten years, you know what I mean? A lot of people New Year's we're going to crush it, etc, two three months later, they already given up on their dreams they already given it because it's a bit tough because it's a bit difficult I can't do it anymore. Is that all your dreams are worth a few months of activity, and you give up straight away is that all it's worth.

It just doesn't sound good. But I really need an influencer, they have a big vision so they will not give up because of small challenge, they will not stop because of whatever they will do it until they get that done. You know, like I love these three levels of commitment. Most people have level number one, which is I'll try it and like Yoda says Do or do not, do not try. So I try, it means I'll quit, I just don't know when that's all it means. The second level of commitment, which some people have, is I'll do my best that's better than I'll try it because that person is at least going to do what they think their best is. Now we know the most people sell themselves a lot shorter than they should do.

So the best is either going to just do a little bit, they're going to do a hobby plan, instead of really working it. But at least that's better than I'll try. But the best level of commitment is number three, which says I'll do whatever it takes, which means even things that right now, I don't even know how to do, I don't even know if I can do but I'll do whatever it takes to get there. That's a real leader that's somebody who has a big vision we're not going to get distracted by a small problem, or by somebody leaving the business or by some product being out of stock, or by changes to marketing plan or whatever, they will just keep charging like that Rhino.

The last fifth quality of an influencer, a real leader is they create results, they cause action where action wouldn't have happened, so it's all very we'll to talk but we need to walk the talk as well and real leaders they produce results, they go out there and they work until the results are produced. They go out there and they hit the qualifications, they find the necessary people until they find them. They don't give up because it's difficult and stuff. They go and they make it happen. They work through the challenges but they also create results within the organization.

So they're not the only ones selling and recruiting and building. But they are causing action within the team. Wherever they go with whoever they speak to those people start being more active, they start using products, they start selling products, they start recruiting other people and so they are causing activity within the team. So that's influence. So to hit the level five, which is 1 million plus income bracket, that’s the fifth level of success to hit that you need to have influence and development within your team?

You need to be developing people who have these five qualities within your team. But the question is, do you have those five qualities before you start developing? Because we all love to teach they say those who can do, those who can't teach. The question is do you possess those five qualities? Or do you need to work on some of them? Are you independent, truly, where you don't need anybody to keep building your business? Are you a problem solver? Do you solve problems? Or do you do you just pass problems to other people? Are you consistent? Are you on it every single day? Are you hot today cold tomorrow you still playing hockey pokey one foot in and one foot out? Do you have a big vision? Do you see the business in the future?

Have you got a plan for the next 3,5,10, 15, 20, 25 years and do you create results Or you just create talk? You know, do you just share the motivational pictures every day and hope that one day I'll become successful or do you go out there and create results. So first question is do you possess those five qualities, then you need to develop other influences within your team in order for you to hit that bracket. Now guess what you don't need 6000 of them an average number of influences in your team, these real leaders who possess these five qualities for you to hit 1 million income is only 25.

That's an average but some will have less, some will have more but that’s an average. Would it be a war for you to develop 25 people in order to hit a 1 million plus income? I think you would, it's not 15,000 people to develop it’s just a couple of serious people that you work with them that you develop them that you invest your time in them. So these are the five levels of success guys, and I hope I you got some value, I hope you got some ideas. Because we all want to become successful, we all want to progress in our business, we all want to make big income.

But sometimes we don't realize how much work is going to go into it, we don't realize how much it's going to cost us to get there, how much investment will have to do in order to get there. Whether it's time investment, effort, investment, personal development investment, whatever it is but there is some journey to get to those levels. Now, if you're committed, if you're willing to do those things, sky's the limit what you can make .You know it's unbelievable seeing how many millionaires are created in the home based business and network marketing arena. But it takes a special set of skills, and a determination and a hunger and being coachable to get to that. Because
 if you don't have those qualities, it's going to be very difficult, you're probably going to remain like the 97% of population who just work pay check who have a little bit few hundreds per income, if so, and that's it now it's up to you, it's your choice.

At the end of the day you choose if you want to be like the 97% or you want to be like the 3% who do become financially free, who do become wealthy, who do amazing things, etc. It's entirely up to you. My wish for you is that you choose Of course, the 3% route is going to be more challenging but everything is challenging being broke is challenging too, so you choose your challenge, right? And at the end of the day, whatever you choose is the right choice for you.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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