4 types of people in NETWORK MARKETING

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, June 8, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I wantto talk about the four types of people in the network marketing business. I want to share a little lesson that I learned from my buddy Frazer Brookes, recently watching his training about the four types of people in network marketing.

The first group of people in network marketing are sellers and recruiters. So these are the people who sell the products and sell the business opportunity or sell the dream. So this is like equivalent to using your muscle. These are the people who are putting in the work, who are doing the brute force approach to network marketing, they selling products and they recruiting people into the business. And the challenge is that a lot of people just stay at this level, they always just stay sellers or recruiters, they never progressed beyond that. But there's three more levels.

The second level after sellers and recruiters, the second step if you like in your career as a network marketing professional is duplicators. So if you are just selling but nobody else is selling in your team, you're not duplicating. If you're recruiting other people, but your people are not recruiting other people, again, you're not duplicating.

The second level is duplicators, are the people who are not just selling and recruiting, but they have repeating the same process in their team. That means they're training other people. They're helping other people to sell the dream. So they are sharing the opportunity and they're sharing the knowledge on how to do it so that their team members start doing the same thing and their team members start doing the same thing and the thing starts expanding this thing start scaling up. So that's the second level in your network marketing career.

The third level in your network marketing career is leaders. So you have sellers and recruiters, you have duplicators and then you have leaders. So the leaders are the ones who communicate the vision, who communicate the passion, who communicate the objective, and inspire other people to become leaders in their teams, and they grow huge organizations. So that's the third level.

And then the last level number four, which personally I think, very rarely, people reach that, not a lot of people reach that in network marketing, I for sure I haven't reached that yet and that's visionaries. So the fourth level is visionaries and I had a pleasure of learning from people who are visionaries in network marketing industry who've built teams of 500,000 people, a million people, who helped other people to become millionaires in their teams. These are the visionaries.

So these are the people with high imagination, with vision and a desire to pass it on to generations, to leave a legacy. These people are not just in our marketing to make the money, but they're here to leave an impact. They're here to leave a legacy behind themselves, where people will remember them for many, many decades to come. And that's the fourth level called visionary. So ask yourself a question which level of the network marketing career you are on right now and which level you would like to reach? What do you aspire to reach in your network marketing career.

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