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Today I wanted to share with you four steps to telling your story because your story is so powerful and so important in business that actually every time before you start the presentation every time before you start the training every time before you start a three way call you should tell people your story. Because that's where people will be able to relate when they want to know your story. First step is your background. So what did you do before you got into network marketing before you started your home based business? So what's your background? You know, maybe you were a nurse, maybe you were a teacher? Maybe you worked in a factory, maybe you were a lawyer, doctor, or whatever. So share. First of all, what did you do before you started in network marketing? That's one.

Number two is what you didn't like about that situation. So maybe you were not being paid enough, maybe you had to leave your kids and you wanted to spend more time with your kids, maybe you had to fight for traffic every single morning and every single evening, maybe you know you had a horrible boss, maybe you were doing something that you didn't feel passionate about. So what did you not like about what you did before you came into network marketing?

Number three is how you found the solution. So how did you come across network marketing? You know, maybe your cousin told you about the business, maybe you found an ad in a newspaper, maybe somebody on Facebook prospected you, maybe you tried a product and you loved the product so much that you decided to join the business, whatever it is, how did you come across that solution? How did you come across network marketing and how it started solving your problem, how it started solving the fact that you were not happy about your previous life.

And then number four is how you feel about the future or your results so far.

So my story for example, goes like this:

“my name is Gediminas and I'm from Lithuania, I came to UK about 13 years ago to study psychology. I graduated from University of Bedfordshire and while I was studying psychology, I used to work as a security officer, in nightclubs and pubs and banks, etc., and I used to earn about £1500 a month as a security guard. Then I finished university, graduated, got my diploma and got a job in a school working with autistic children. And I started earning £950 a month. So instead of earning £1500 a month as a security guard, I started adding £950 a month as a psychologist. So I took a 50% decrease in pay after finishing University. Now, of course, that shocked me, I couldn't believe that I could spend four years in university and start earning less than I was earning before and that's why I started looking for something better. And they say, when you look you find, not long after that, my wife comes home with a DVD and she says, “you have to see this DVD”. And of course, that DVD was a business opportunity presentation for a network marketing company. And straight away when I saw it, I fell in love with the concept of network marketing, that you could start your own business without any investment, without any experience, without any prior knowledge and you could build your own business from home to where they can pay you hundreds and thousands and 10s of thousands of pounds every single month in passive residual income without you even leaving your house. So this way, I could spend more time with my children and my wife, I could do things that I actually enjoy doing, I could travel the world, I could, do all of that and not fight in traffic every single morning, etc. So that's why we got started. We started building our business bit by bit and you know, fast forward eight years from then we've built a team of over two and a half thousand people, thanks to this business with traveled to Cyprus, Majorca, Indonesia, Dubai, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Greece, Germany, Poland, and we've got a trip to America, we’ve visited actually America twice now, we’ve got a car from the company as a bonus for doing our job, and most importantly, it allowed us to work together, spend more time with kids.”

 So that's my story. So what did I do before? I was a psychologist, I finished university. What did I not like about it? I wasn't not being paid enough, I was not earning enough money in my job. Number three, how I discovered network marketing? My wife came over introduced me to the business. And then number four, how I feel about my future, or the results so far, this is what I've achieved so far. 

And if you just got started, and you haven't achieved much yet, if you haven't traveled the world, and got prizes and bonuses from the company, then you share your vision for the future, how you feel about the future. So I’d tell, hey, but I'm now super excited. Because I have a track to run on, I can see where my business is going, I can see where my life is going, I'm building my financial freedom and building my passive income, that one day will allow me to retire. 

And again, a lot of you, if I asked you, what do you think is the most important part of your story, you'd probably say, well, it’s the results, of course, it’s how many cars you received, and how much money you made, and how many holidays you’ve received from the company, etc., but reality is, that’s  not true. That's not the most important part. Because to be honest with you, other people don't care about how much money you made, or how many Mercedeses you’ve received, and how many holidays you got. Because it doesn't really relate to them. They didn't get anything from that. So good for you, but if they don't really care about it.

The most important part of your story is number two, which is your pain. What did you not like about your previous life or about your previous job? So in my story I tell about not being paid enough. And guess what, do you think there's any other people who don't get paid enough in their jobs? Pretty much everybody, right? Or maybe, you know, you could share about not being able to spend enough time with your kids, do you think other parents could relate to that, maybe you could share about having to fight in traffic every single morning and every evening? Do you think some people could relate to that? Absolutely. That's where people will relate to you with your pain, because that's what they’re experiencing too. So in their head, if you use this business to solve that problem, which they also have, then if they join your team, and if they join your business, then they might be able to solve the same problem by using your business, understand where I'm going with this. So that's why your story is super powerful. It's super important, you should always tell your story to people because that's where people will be able to relate. That's how you will be able to connect with people and then you know, once they heard your story, then they might be interested in seeing our business opportunity presentation, then they might be interested in taking a look at your products.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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