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This topic is about public speaking. Public speaking, presenting. How to connect with your audience better. I'm going to share with you four steps on how to become a better speaker, better presenter, and have better results when you're speaking to audiences, whether that's online, or it's in a live event.

Step one in presenting well, in being a great speaker is the heart. You have to start from connecting with the human beings, from connecting with other individuals. And that starts with the heart. You have to open their hearts, you have to drop the wall, you have to drop the barrier and the only way to do it is to start with the heart.

So when you start your presentation, or you start your public speech, you want to start with your heart and show them that you understand being in their shoes. That will show people that you can connect with them, they will like you, they will accept you when you show them that you understand where they're at. But also, you have to show them that you know how to get them to where they want to.

Imagine you're successful person in your company, you achieved a lot, you’re at the big top rank, you’re making a lot of money, you come on the stage to speak to your whole company. And most of those people, they're just getting started. They haven't got any results yet. They haven't made any money. So what are they thinking? They thinking, “Yeah, whatever. She doesn't understand me.

She doesn't understand what it means to be in my position. She's making all the money. She's so successful.” They don't think you can relate to them. If you can go on a stage and show them with your heart, that you know where they are, you know how they feel. Because you've been there before, where at some point you were the new person. You were the person not making a lot of money. You show them you connect with them mentally. Now they go, “Crap, he really understands me. He really gets me because yes, that’s right.” And then you show them that, “Hey, I was where you are. But now I'm here. I can show you how to get here.” Now they are listening. Now they're interested, they want to know how you are going to do this. And share why you're doing what you're doing.
 What’s your reason to be on that stage? What's your reason to be on that conference call? What's your reason to be in the business? What's your reason for changing people's lives? That step one in becoming a better presenter, public speaker, so that's heart.

Step two is mind. Once you've opened their hearts, once they drop the barrier, then come step two. And here, you need to show them your process. So now its logic, now you need to show them your process from taking them from being ordinary to extraordinary. So how are you going to show them, how are you going to help them to go from where they are right now to where they want to be? So that's step two. And that's mind. That’s logic.

Then step three is hands. That’s hands on, you getting to call to action. And step three is get them a quick win. You see, you should not go on a stage and show them how to get from A to Z. That's too much. All you want to do is show them how to get from A to B, give them a quick result, give them a quick win, give them a quick thing that they can grab on and go, “Hey, it works, whatever he's saying, or whatever she's saying, this thing is working. She already told me this phrase, and I can go and put it in practice in my business, I'm going to get a better result boom.”

You show them that actually what you're talking about is working. You don't need to show them all the way, you don't need to show them how to go from where they are right now all the way to the top round. You don't need to show that. You just need to show them how to go to the next step, how to get to the next round. That's your job. At that point one, once you're on the stage to show them the hands, the call to action, and then you finish.

Step four is with the heart again. And you close your speech, you close your presentation with the heart by sharing a story that reinforces everything you just taught them. You close with the heart by sharing with them a story of how what you're teaching, or how what you're sharing with them have helped other people to get to where you are, other people to get to the top rank, other people to get to better results.

If you structure your speech like that, if you structure your presentation like that, you will connect with your audience much, much better. You'll definitely see that, you'll see how people will connect, you'll see how people will start nodding, you'll see how people will start leaning forward and listening to you because they get you now because they see that you get them. It's so, so, so important.

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